Poem About Things I Like

posted aug 19, 2015 at 1:31am

I like when thing are broken so I can tell how they work
TV pilots that bombed
Slow Learner by Thomas Pynchon
awful sequels
where the idea is all there is
theme parties
where form doesn't get in the way of
the 2016 republican field
liner notes
plot diagrams
Weird Al’s version
offbrand wikis
See also
Part of a series on
List of
List of lists of
abandoned concept tumblrs
craigslist spam
weird twitter aught twelve
misremembered lyrics
bad cartoon dubs
Very Special Episodes
when the broader trend overpowers the text
and forms a superstructure
instas beyond instas
procedurally generatrated monographs
reactions to
Markov chains
surveys of
the annotated edition
the abridged series

Ryan Wolf is a tech worker who thought he would write a blog on his blog, okay? Geez. He makes even less sense, much more frequently, on twitter.