"5000 is a ton of lobsters !!!!!!!!!" - steve roggenbuck

oh hey, hi

This is my website. It is not srs or professional.

I made some internets

I have a couple blog posts. It's a filthy habit.

In college, I did not go to very many parties. In college, I made a web version of tic tac toe that you could play by yourself. You can experience the wonder and tedium of this game for yourself.

Is Ryan at the Office dot Com says "yes." when I'm at the office, and "no." when I am not. I was interviewed about it!!1!

Some joke websites inspired by the new "generic" TLDs: hates.computer and hates.company.

I hang out on other parts of the internet

I am @5000lobsters on that twitter thing.

I post pictures of cats on mlkshk. Send me your pictures of cats, please.