I use Latitude to automatically check in and out of my office, so Emily Kiernan can easily check when I'm heading home.

Recently, they started spamming my profile with these automatic check-ins, and there is no way to turn off this "feature."
Update: +Joe LaPenna points out (correctly) that this is not a recent change in behavior.

I've been casting about for a replacement, and thanks to Kenton Roberts I think I've found one: Tasker.

Tasker makes it easy for me to set up "entering the office" and "leaving the office" contexts, and to use them to trigger actions like HTTP POSTs (coming soon: i​s​r​y​a​n​a​t​t​h​e​o​f​f​i​c​e​.​c​o​m).

"Wait Ryan, but Tasker costs money and you don't buy things on the internet!"

True, but Latitude has annoyed me enough that I'd like to give someone else some money to say "It's not cool to spam my profile without my permission, Latitude" as loudly as possible.