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Somewhere in the middle of watching the trailer, I blacked out and bought this glitch art DVD. When it gets here I guess I'll need find something that plays DVDs.
The Choosatron: Interactive Fiction Arcade Machine
Choosatron is so cute I'm about to black out.
And and you guys! You guuuuuuys! It works with Twine games!!1!OMGBBQ
why you should NEVER write a package manager
Just talking to Min Huang about this yesterday. NPM should not have been written either, just use the damn package manager that comes with your OS. Or in the case of Mac users, that someone stapled onto you OS.
Current status:
auntie pixelante › i am on patreon now
Patreon is a pretty interesting attempt to solve the problem: How do I get paid for my games when my target users may not have a lot of money to spend on non-essentials?
This song came up again at a party recently. I've decided this is the True Ending for Twin Peaks.
Fan is a Tool-Using Animal — dConstruct Audio Archive
Great talk by Pinboard creator about the fanfiction community.
Main/Economy Cast - Television Tropes & Idioms
I made the mistake of opening tvtropes and reading a random article. And then another. And then another...
Current tvtropeshole location is "Economy Cast." Please send help/food.
I saw a teen couple making out at Legoland. That's really creepy. It's a place for kids. So I went up to them and said, "C'mon you two. This is Legoland. Build a room." - t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​a​v​i​t​a​b​l​e
Cryoburn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shards of Honor from the humble ebook bundle whetted my appetite for more of Cordelia's wacky spaceventures. While looking for an .epub of Barrayar, I came across an iiiiiinteresting tidbit on the wiki article for Bujold's latest:
"The hardcover version of Cryoburn also comes with a CD-ROM containing E-Book versions of the omnibus editions of the Vorkosigan Saga."
Soooo, I'm buying a hardcover book so I can take the CD out of the back of it and then send the epubs in it to my internet book reader.
Time-lock encryption
Excellent article on "time-lock puzzles." Before reading this, I was sure there was no way to make something unlockable only after a certain time, since I was focused on time as an input (ie you could always trick a computer's clock into thinking it was the time you wanted).
src/pkg/encoding/xml/read.go - The Go Programming Language
gah, why if the default format for xml.Unmarshal RFC3339, and why can't I change it?!
Current status:
Musashi (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This novel is a great look at Ye Olde Japan. I'm shocked it was written in 1935, the language and characters read more like something from 2013.
This particular novel comes with a "Ryan's adventure novel warranty:"
Musashi kills someone with a practice sword by page 30, or your money back.
The Girl Without Hands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Emily Kiernan pointed out that mitm attacks like [1] are not just evil, they are prototypically evil, as seen in fairy tales like The Girl Without Hands.

[1] h​t​t​p​:​/​/​n​e​w​s​.​c​n​e​t​.​c​o​m​/​8​3​0​1​-​1​3​5​7​8​_​3​-​5​7​6​0​2​7​0​1​-​3​8​/​n​s​a​-​d​i​s​g​u​i​s​e​d​-​i​t​s​e​l​f​-​a​s​-​g​o​o​g​l​e​-​t​o​-​s​p​y​-​s​a​y​-​r​e​p​o​r​t​s​/
cal is beautiful. If you have a linuxy computer, it's probably already installed.
Current status:
Some turkeys have invaded the baseball field. In the words of Mitch Hedberg, it is "the cutest infestation ever."
Peony (h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​y​e​l​p​.​c​o​m​/​b​i​z​/​p​e​o​n​y​-​c​h​i​n​e​s​e​-​c​u​i​s​i​n​e​-​l​a​g​u​n​a​-​b​e​a​c​h) had the best vegetarian orange "chicken" ever, and I haven't found a similarly good place in the East Bay. Help me, O internet people!
Star Wars, Star Trek And V Author Ann Crispin Passes Away - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors
That Han Solo trilogy was some damn good scifi.
Just started The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin. Here's an amazing line from an early chapter:

"There is another thing I remember from my childhood. A song, and it went… How did it go? Ah, yes. 'Trickster, trickster / Stole the sun for a prank. / Will you really ride it? / Where will you hide it? / Down by the riverbank…'
It was not our sun, mind you."
Closer to math rock than jazz, despite the heavy piano. Very interesting!
via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​r​e​d​d​i​t​.​c​o​m​/​r​/​l​i​s​t​e​n​t​o​t​h​i​s​/​c​o​m​m​e​n​t​s​/​1​l​h​b​g​7​/​m​o​u​s​e​_​o​n​_​t​h​e​_​k​e​y​s​_​p​l​a​t​e​a​u​_​j​a​z​z​_​f​u​s​i​o​n​_​m​a​t​h​_​r​o​c​k​/
Like Wolverine, Albert Campion was initially introduced as a bit character. They both also like to go by pseudonyms, they both have skeletons lined with adamantium, and they both have butlers named Lugg.
See also: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​e​n​.​w​i​k​i​p​e​d​i​a​.​o​r​g​/​w​i​k​i​/​S​y​n​t​h​e​s​i​s​_​o​f​_​p​r​e​c​i​o​u​s​_​m​e​t​a​l​s​#​G​o​l​d​_​s​y​n​t​h​e​s​i​s​_​i​n​_​a​_​n​u​c​l​e​a​r​_​r​e​a​c​t​o​r
Someone was humming the theme song to "Attack on Titan" when I got off the bus yesterday. A day later, still pretty jazzed that happened.
Looking for a light beach read? Princeton University Press has you covered:
Hacker News
losethos is now pasting passages from Huckleberry Finn into HN comments. I have so many questions, starting with:
Why are there MS-DOS filenames in the comments of an account ostensibly created to promote an alternative OS?
luuulz, the new humble bundle (not linked) doesn't mention DRM, because they are pairing with Origin, which is a DRM disaster area.

and the cross-browser language is gone because the bundle is nearly windows-only (there's one game that also works on mac, zero on linux).

and EFF is off the list of charities because of things like h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​e​f​f​.​o​r​g​/​d​e​e​p​l​i​n​k​s​/​2​0​1​3​/​0​3​/​t​a​l​e​-​s​i​m​c​i​t​y​-​u​s​e​r​s​-​s​t​r​u​g​g​l​e​-​a​g​a​i​n​s​t​-​o​n​e​r​o​u​s​-​d​r​m
Bits Pushed Around | On failure, and more specifically on the Pastry Box not becoming a book
Interesting response to a crowdfunding project failing. Good tip about figuring out what you want instead of what you think you want.
Protip: If your local candy shop is not out of blue rock candy today, move to a cooler city.
Calendar of Events: Paramount Theatre, Oakland
Godzilla in an old-timey theater tonight. In clinical trials, we have found that 100% of the cool kids are going.
Free Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft for Nook and Kindle – Cthulhu Chick
The complete works of H.P. Lovecraft collected into a single beautiful ebook. 1,360 pages unobtrusively jammed into my phone--the strange aeons are now!
Watching this Arrow show, and it's weird how many things have the "windows 7 swoopy boxes" logos on it. It's really hard to take this batman-esque guy seriously when he stocks his batcave with (I swear to cthulhu!) hp all-in-one pc/monitors.
Today's jam. Little too early in the morning to rock this hard, but I cannot stop.
anna anthropy, author of Rise of the Videogame Zinestars, is writing a book about ZZT! What is ZZT? Is it an abbreviation of Z Z Top? Who knows! We so excited!
US to begin processing visa applications equally for married same-sex couples
Best of all: it doesn't matter how backwards the state you are moving to, or the country you're moving from, is.
Five Years of Stories Free Download Extended! | Tor.com
TOR has put together 5 years of stories into a free mecha-file. Thanks, TOR!

My EPUB reader can't handle files this big, so now I'm off to fiddle with a way to split the file up into one EPUB per chapter or something.
The Sparrow (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sparrow is unbelievably good, but it kicked my ass. I'm so upset and everything is terrible, and I still want to go to space.
NPR's Top 100 Science-Fiction & Fantasy Books - How many have you read? | List Challenges
A site where people post lists and you can check off things on the lists. 100% cocaine.

cc: Thomas Dunlap who has recently suffered my lists.
Russia Grants Snowden 1-Year Asylum
To be clear, Snowden was granted asylum from us, the bad guys in this story. I hope he stays safe from our prosecution for whistle-blowing.
Plot thickens for authors as Penguin and Random House merger creates £2.6bn powerhouse
Well, gee, I'm sure this is going to end well.
Boneshaker | Book by Cherie Priest | Macmillan Mobile
Boneshaker was awesome, kind of like East of West it has an alternate US that's way more exciting than the real thing. There may even have been a dwarf in the middle there...
If you missed the last Humble Bundle you can still buy a DRM-free EPUB of it from the nice folks at TOR.
Shetland Ponies in Cardigans, Photos & Video - VisitScotland
Can't look away.
via: Carlo Flores 
Today's jam!
I'm looking for a wearable thermometer that either syncs with my phone or can at least store data and be read from a pc.
My google-fu has failed me, anyone know of such a gadget?
Filling out a DS 11 (h​t​t​p​:​/​/​t​r​a​v​e​l​.​s​t​a​t​e​.​g​o​v​/​p​a​s​s​p​o​r​t​/​f​o​r​m​s​/​d​s​1​1​/​d​s​1​1​_​8​4​2​.​h​t​m​l) and almost used my non-gmail address in the email field.
"@p​s​e​u​d​o​n​y​.​m​s you say? Right this way, to our extra special prison for supiciously stupid applicants."
Sorry, Twitter: 'Sharknado' Was an Enormous Ratings Bust
Say it with me:
* Tweets != $$
* More tweets != more $$
"Adversarial Stylometry: Circumventing Authorship Recognition"
Super interesting, especially the criticism of machine translation for avoiding recognition.

It's all Shawn Brenneman's fault: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​b​l​o​g​.​s​t​a​r​t​l​e​d​.​c​o​m​/​p​o​s​t​/​5​2​7​7​6​0​6​5​1​3​2​/​i​c​e​-​p​l​a​n​e​t​s 
The list: 100 Great Science Fiction Stories by Women
I love lists of books so much. From a quick skim, one obvious missing notable is Marion Zimmer Bradley.
Playing Ms. Pac-Man on the Sega Genesis.
For the First Time, You Can Actually Own the Digital Comics You Buy | Underwire | Wired.com
Moar great news in the world of DRM-free. Still waiting for them to fill in the back catalog, but Saga and Chew will be on my list of things to try in delicious DRM-free EPUB.
The Humble eBook Bundle 2 (pay what you want and help charity)
Little Brother is amazing. It'll trick you into learning about public key cryptography.
Shards of Honor was on my wishlist already, so hoorah!
I've eyed Boneshaker in bookstores a few times, I'm glad it's in this bundle.
Free indie gams. That's not a typo.
Gamewright : Forbidden Island™
Pretty fun cooperative board game. Emily Kiernan and I lucked out with our first playthrough;  pilot and engineer were a powerful combination.
Looking forward to playing on higher difficulties with less complementary roles. It's like they say in Dwarf Fortress: losing is fun!
In ur bus, reading ur Steve Roggenbuck.
Where can I pick up my "hacker" catsuit? And I guess the headphones with the targeting reticles while I'm already out shopping?
Via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​r​e​d​d​i​t​.​c​o​m​/​r​/​c​r​i​n​g​e​/​c​o​m​m​e​n​t​s​/​1​h​8​k​z​n​/​m​e​e​t​_​h​a​c​k​e​r​_​g​i​r​l​f​r​i​e​n​d​/
krasnoukhov/theoldreader-api · GitHub
theoldreader has an api now. nerdlingers, assemble!
Exactly How the NSA Is Getting Away With Spying on US Citizens
"More appallingly, the NSA is allowed to hold onto communications solely because you use encryption."
Circa 2025, I hope the NSA has a blast reading about how much I like pictures of cats. Spoiler for those of you who can't wait: a lot.
Thomas Dunlap, maybe we should make a 20s time capsule!
Guy in a propeller hat walking past an ambulance and firetruck. His eyes are hidden by his glasses, but his shoulders somehow convey surprise.
Being alive is mighty strange, my droogs.
Everyone claiming xboxone games would be cheaper with stricter DRM is ignoring that the launch titles were priced at $60.
The Xbox was double dipping (less for us and more for them), and that's what the internet was raging about.
3 pages into Grimspace, and I think I'm love. "Saturnine" and "apropos" half a paragraph apart, when I was expecting only the schlockiest of the schlock.
Watching Motive. Twice now, the coroner has used an abbreviation that takes just as long to say as the words it abbreviates: GSW and COD. #mmmpoliceprocedurey  
It's "dachshund race day" at the track. Decadent? No. Depraved? Ish.
xbox one demo machines at e3 were really windows 7 pcs trolololo
via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​r​e​d​d​i​t​.​c​o​m​/​r​/​G​a​m​e​s​/​c​o​m​m​e​n​t​s​/​1​g​c​w​p​o​/​m​i​c​r​o​s​o​f​t​_​w​e​r​e​_​n​o​t​_​u​s​i​n​g​_​x​b​o​x​_​o​n​e​_​d​e​v​k​i​t​s​_​a​t​_​e​3​/
The day Steve Jobs dissed me in a keynote | Derek Sivers
Apple's music catalog is weak at launch, which Jobs claims in his keynote is because they are so gosh-darn discriminating. The next day they sign a deal with CDBaby to suck in all kinds of low-grade content. Cute
Developers Explain Leaning Towards PlayStation 4 Over Xbox One - IGN
It's weird to think of the oddworld guys as indie, maybe we need a word for "been making big games since you were a wee bairn, but not signed with a publisher." I guess Seth Godin doesn't have a publisher either, but he's certainly not "small press" or something.

If you have a big enough audience you don't need a publisher. If you have a small enough audience a publisher won't touch you. Xbox forcing everyone to deal with them through intermediaries is a step backwards. Indie titles like Braid for the 360 proved that the "small audiences" publishers are too fat to touch are pretty big.
fred: feed reader extraordinaire
rachelbythebay (previously: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​p​s​e​u​d​o​n​y​.​m​s​/​p​l​u​s​e​s​/​4​P​U​G​u​f​A​4​S​b​F​.​h​t​m​l and h​t​t​p​:​/​/​p​s​e​u​d​o​n​y​.​m​s​/​p​l​u​s​e​s​/​d​5​x​k​B​9​A​r​q​Y​z​.​h​t​m​l) is writing an open source rss reader server/client, and you can help! with dollars!
Litter bugs.
Super creep art installation, recreating faces of litterers based on DNA found in wrappers.
[Xbox Marketplace] Fable III FREE, Just click "Pay With Microsoft Points" : GameDeals
If you're near an xbox 360 console tonight, you can witness something magical. Try to buy Fable III, and then listen to the sound of xbox live's download serving system dying as all of reddit mashes on it.
While watching 1x07:
Emily Kiernan: "It's intersting that this episode is an extended meditation on friendship. Hannibal: Friendship is Magic!"
Text Hexes – Futility Closet
The urDRM in this case is to protect the physical book, but it's hard not to draw parallels.
» HUGPUNX merritt kopas
Feeling bummed because the NSA is tapping your phone? A "fluoro-pink queer urban hugging simulator" is just what you need!

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​m​e​t​a​f​i​l​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​1​2​8​7​7​6​/​H​o​l​d​-​m​e​-​t​i​g​h​t​-​d​o​n​t​-​l​e​t​-​g​o
literary murder
Wow, I don't really have anything to add to this. Here's three related wiki links:
It's interesting comparing h​t​t​p​:​/​/​t​h​e​p​i​r​a​t​e​b​a​y​.​s​x​/​t​o​p​/​3​0​1 to h​t​t​p​:​/​/​e​n​.​w​i​k​i​p​e​d​i​a​.​o​r​g​/​w​i​k​i​/​U​s​a​g​e​_​s​h​a​r​e​_​o​f​_​o​p​e​r​a​t​i​n​g​_​s​y​s​t​e​m​s
Windows Vista is missing entirely. Huh.
Also, when did Office 2010 come out? Does it have another hilarious format that no one else can open?
“‘We Have Always Fought’: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves’ Narrative” by Kameron Hurley — A Dribble of Ink
The llama metaphor is perfect.
Boxen [ePub edition] : C. S. Lewis, Illustrated by C. S. Lewis, Edited by Walter Hooper - HarperCollins
Where can I get an epub of this old CS Lewis book? I can preorder a ridiculous "narnia box set" that includes it for $50, but I can't find a copy of just Boxen, even for Harper Collins' completely stupid suggested price of $20.
Designing blogs for readers - Matt Gemmell
Watch Matt Gemmell's blog grow steadily more like my minimalist horrorshow (h​t​t​p​:​/​/​p​s​e​u​d​o​n​y​.​m​s) over time. He's points out some things I'm screwing up (visited links, a favicon), but I'm not sure I agree with all of it (I like including my social media timelines, clearly).
Death Metal plus Gameboy bloops and bleeps. I'm surprised by how much I like it.
cc: Abben Maguire because metal
uglyducklingpresse: Printing of Goose Game for...
Pictures of the plates for a board game (!!) that is part of Diana Arterian's Death Centos
Magicats I edited by Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann - Baen Ebooks
While browsing through random stranger's calibre libraries (h​t​t​p​:​/​/​g​o​o​.​g​l​/​k​h​y​4​y), I found the greatest book of all time. I didn't need to read it to know it was the best. I didn't even need to see the cover, just look at that glorious title: Magicats I.
netflix glitch art
Roko's basilisk - RationalWiki
A hilarious story about some seedy corner of LessWrong I've never seen. Is there a paid "member's only" forum full of posts like this?
Sword Art Online - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If you've watched roughly 1.5 hobgobillion .hack// episodes like me, you'll probably like this new series about an online game and the precocious wunderkind who are trapped inside it.
Ever wished you had endless engineering resources to help you execute product vision?
"endless engineering resources" makes it sound like they've created a programmer Rat King, and are busily tying more power cords together.
I've been really enjoying h​t​t​p​:​/​/​e​n​.​m​.​w​i​k​i​p​e​d​i​a​.​o​r​g​/​w​i​k​i​/​A​t​t​a​c​k​_​o​n​_​T​i​t​a​n
Small-unit tactics and monsters from the uncanny valley, oh me oh my.
via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​d​i​a​n​a​a​r​t​e​r​i​a​n​.​t​u​m​b​l​r​.​c​o​m​/​p​o​s​t​/​4​9​1​8​6​7​6​7​1​6​7
A wild ravebro appears!
Weight Watchers – Futility Closet
Amazing story of the completely shady origins of habeas corpus.
I was sad when Readability become a social network, I liked it better when it was just a bookmarklet that styled the currently-open tab so that it was easier to read.
Today I found a replacement: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​n​o​t​f​o​r​e​s​t​.​c​o​m​/
Test page: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​u​n​a​t​h​e​b​l​a​d​e​.​t​u​m​b​l​r​.​c​o​m​/​p​o​s​t​/​4​8​7​5​9​4​1​1​3​0​9​/​w​h​y​-​d​i​v​e​r​s​i​t​y
Oh Brian Eno, soothe me with your space elevator jamz.
Is this the "dubsteps" the children are on about? The vacuum cleaner bass sound is good at drowning at the new office's AC.
Today's "drown out the new office AC" jam:
The San Francisco Safety Net
Good reminder from mikeal that I'm playing San Fransisco on easy mode.
Mixed news everyone: update, help search, report and pics.
Holy hockey stick, Batman! Check out the graphs at the end of:
Fun trivia about the development of Golden Eye.
via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​d​u​e​l​i​n​g​a​n​a​l​o​g​s​.​c​o​m​/​v​i​d​e​o​/​a​n​n​i​e​-​g​e​t​-​y​o​u​r​-​g​o​l​d​e​n​-​g​u​n
Our Incredible Journey
A blog devoted to startup shutdown announcements. So cold.
via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​a​d​a​c​t​i​o​.​c​o​m​/​j​o​u​r​n​a​l​/​6​1​7​5​/
rachelbythebay/edu: virtual rachel
rachelbythebay is starting a programmer lesson thing, where she teaches you how to build a c++ program one coherent step at a time.

Even if you aren't interested in c++, it's worth checking out for her cool javascript terminal replay thingy.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Apology For Using Female Writers | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Great reaction to RPS readers generally losing their tiny minds because beep boop females errort errort errort:
"...we will ensure that if a woman is somehow writing on the site, that during the process they will be required to wear a top hat, false moustache, and steely, manly glare as they type..."

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​s​k​e​p​c​h​i​c​k​.​o​r​g​/​2​0​1​3​/​0​3​/​s​k​e​p​c​h​i​c​k​-​q​u​i​c​k​i​e​s​-​3​-​2​8​-​3​/
Yahoo! Messages tracker Dashboard
Woohoo, we've almost done it! Watch the remaining unarchived pages on Yahoo Messages count down to zero--14k left!
ArchiveTeam + Yahoo Messages Shuttering + EC2 Spot Instances = MegaCrawl | Ross Duggan
Help to archive Yahoo Messages before they shut down in 8 days.
Today's jam. Phrase "all art has been contemporary" is stuck in my head now.
Trailer for a movie about Lil Bub.
Feelings engines... engage!
Forking and Dongle Jokes Don’t Belong At Tech Conferences - But You're A Girl -
Cached version: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​e​b​c​a​c​h​e​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​u​s​e​r​c​o​n​t​e​n​t​.​c​o​m​/​s​e​a​r​c​h​?​q​=​c​a​c​h​e​:​h​t​t​p​:​/​/​b​u​t​y​o​u​r​e​a​g​i​r​l​.​c​o​m​/​1​4​0​1​5​/​f​o​r​k​i​n​g​-​a​n​d​-​d​o​n​g​l​e​-​j​o​k​e​s​-​d​o​n​t​-​b​e​l​o​n​g​-​a​t​-​t​e​c​h​-​c​o​n​f​e​r​e​n​c​e​s​/
Spotted some augmented reality at Yosemite National Forest.
Today's jam. Everyday's jam.
All of you new theoldreader users: get off my internet lawn! The poor service can't handle all these Johnny-Come-Lately users (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Neutrality is Disputed
urxvt is so cool, even Rachel by the Bay uses it: 
A033713 - OEIS
In the middle of fidgeting with project euler problem 40, some unexpected beauty:
I've read a lot of Terry Pratchett books, and I thought I had grown out of them. I was giving Wee Free Men a try on the bus yesterday, and it surprised me.
The theme that "thinking things through is the best kind of magic" reminded me a lot of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.

Guarding the fort while I'm at work. #napstrong  
" Jimmy Eat World is totally lame!" - me, who apparently feels like an authority on cool despite listening to Makin' Bacon Pancakes, New York Style - 10 Hour Blend all day.
How I Fired Myself. In July of 2010 I was 22 and working at a ...
Mmm... reminds me of my first internship. Day 2, I deleted every record in the database I was working with that started with the letter "t."
Since my internship was at a real company and not the clown factory this poor sap worked for, there were backups and I was only working with a dev version of the database anyway. Still, just remembering it makes me feel that intense panic all over again.
Stanford Female CS Student: I Fight Impostor Syndrome | LadyCoders
"So to all the girls learning how to code, and not sure where you stand: screw it, and just call yourself a developer already. You should be proud of all you know, and realize that even the best people don’t know everything."
It's fun watching Marco Arment (h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​m​a​r​c​o​.​o​r​g​/​2​0​1​3​/​0​2​/​2​4​/​t​h​e​-​m​a​g​a​z​i​n​e​-​s​h​a​r​i​n​g) gradually converge on Craig Mod's ideas (h​t​t​p​:​/​/​c​r​a​i​g​m​o​d​.​c​o​m​/​j​o​u​r​n​a​l​/​s​u​b​c​o​m​p​a​c​t​_​p​u​b​l​i​s​h​i​n​g​/).

Here's hoping he makes it a little further, because the internet treats paywalls like damage to route around.
The BBC version of House of Cards is like the Netflix version, except it's good and there's not wacky Sony product placement.
The New Value of Text |
This. A hundred thousand times this.
via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​d​u​n​l​a​p​d​a​b​b​l​e​s​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​3​/​0​2​/​1​7​/​s​i​d​e​-​n​o​t​e​s​/
Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?
"Spencer, who is 29, possesses the insectlike eyes of a committed programmer."
The humans are on to us, my fellow beetle invaders! (yಠ,ಠ)y
According to my music player, I've listened to this song 47 times this week. No regrets.
stool + bucket (fit found by Austin Reavis)
Oh so delightful. Oh so nice.

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​k​u​n​g​f​u​g​r​i​p​p​e​.​c​o​m​/​p​o​s​t​/​4​2​7​7​5​9​0​6​2​0​1​/​t​h​i​n​g​s​-​f​i​t​t​i​n​g​-​p​e​r​f​e​c​t​l​y​-​i​n​t​o​-​o​t​h​e​r​-​t​h​i​n​g​s
In the year since I signed up for xbox live, my old credit card expired and I got a new one. When xbox tried to charge me for a new year, the charge was declined. I added a new payment option, transferred my subscription over to that new payment option, and then tried to remove the old (defunct) payment option.
It didn't work, because there are outstanding charges for my subscription, even though there is a new, working payment option tied to that subscription.
When I get through the choose your own adventure novel that is the "contact support" system, I am shown a "request failed, please try again later" error. Their website appears not to work with the two most popular browsers on the planet. Maybe if I go to a public library or something, I can find an old machine in a corner with IE on it...
Things I wish were turned on by default in lighttpd, a partial list:
* mod_compress, with css and js in the default filetypes
* etags for all the things
alternate title: "Drastically Improve the Loading Time of Your Static Site, in 200 Easy Steps"
Security red flag: password length limit » Forum Post by Jayschwastardock
Two things Stardock doesn't seem to understand:
* Password length limits make techies nervous.
* Trying to delete your embarrassing forum posts from the internet will just generate more lulz.
Curious: New Samsung Chromebook doesn't support Netflix [UPDATED]
Draft. Version control for writing
Paging Thomas Dunlap
Twitter / thedaniel: Combine 2 eggs and a mashed ...
Can you afford to not try Daniel Hengeveld's pancake recipe?
The Up-Goer Five Text Editor
I wonder if this computer game may be good at confusing people who try to tell who you are by how you write.
Israel boycotts UN Human Rights Council
Scary stuff.
Twitter's Speech Problem: Hashtags and Hate
If you catch me complaining about inane trending topics in the States, remind me that it could be much, much worse.
Post-Planescape: Fargo Reveals The Future Of Torment | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Hurrah for a sequel to Planescape: Torment! And for anyone like me who has only made it 10 hours or so into the original, the nice folks at GoG have a version that will run on your newest, fangliest computers: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​g​o​g​.​c​o​m​/​g​a​m​e​c​a​r​d​/​p​l​a​n​e​s​c​a​p​e​_​t​o​r​m​e​n​t
Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your website is down or up?
Weird, requests to twitter seem to be timing out. API calls, web client, everything.

Related to h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​e​c​o​n​o​m​i​s​t​.​c​o​m​/​b​l​o​g​s​/​p​o​m​e​g​r​a​n​a​t​e​/​2​0​1​3​/​0​1​/​s​a​u​d​i​-​a​r​a​b​i​a coming out about 30 minutes ago?
Elizabeth R. Johnson has a very cool answer for how biomimicry and feminism are connected (h​t​t​p​:​/​/​f​e​m​i​n​i​s​t​i​n​g​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​3​/​0​1​/​1​7​/​t​h​e​-​a​c​a​d​e​m​i​c​-​f​e​m​i​n​i​s​t​-​p​u​t​t​i​n​g​-​a​n​-​e​c​o​n​o​m​i​c​-​v​a​l​u​e​-​o​n​-​l​i​f​e​-​a​-​c​o​n​v​e​r​s​a​t​i​o​n​-​w​i​t​h​-​e​l​i​z​a​b​e​t​h​-​j​o​h​n​s​o​n​/). In short, they both challenge established hierarchies.

I feel like Ian Bogost could take some notes on this topic, to field questions about the inhumanity of object oriented philosophy (h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​b​o​g​o​s​t​.​c​o​m​/​b​l​o​g​/​o​n​_​h​u​m​a​n​_​d​a​n​g​e​r​s​.​s​h​t​m​l). I like his ideas, but his response that:
1. humans really aren't the center of the universe and
2. attention is not zero sum, so he's not taking attention away from human issues
is unsatisfying.
Sophie In North Korea
Sophie Schmidt (Eric Schmidt's daughter, not the footballer) had a chance to visit North Korea this January. This may be the first description of North Korea to mention memes.
Did President Obama just order the government to study video game violence?
Ignoring the link-bait headline and nonsense about ONOES TEH VIDGEOGAMES, this article has some interesting links to the current scientific literature on violence and video games. I was surprised at the amount of research that's been done, and the current consensus of that research.
Not Cool, Gizmodo

Was looking at a +Gizmodo article today, when I noticed my back button had be hijacked. Chromium shows the last 12 pages I've visited when I hold down the back button, and it looks like Gizmodo uses some html5 magic (h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​d​e​v​e​l​o​p​e​r​.​m​o​z​i​l​l​a​.​o​r​g​/​e​n​-​U​S​/​d​o​c​s​/​D​O​M​/​M​a​n​i​p​u​l​a​t​i​n​g​_​t​h​e​_​b​r​o​w​s​e​r​_​h​i​s​t​o​r​y) to add 12 entries to the current article, so I couldn't see the page I originally came from.
Pinboard Co-Prosperity Winners (Pinboard Blog)
Congrats to Skud and Growstuff for being included in the first round of Pinboard's Co-Prosperity Cloud!
You can read more about Skud at h​t​t​p​:​/​/​i​n​f​o​t​r​o​p​e​.​n​e​t​/ and more about Growstuff at h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​i​k​i​.​g​r​o​w​s​t​u​f​f​.​o​r​g​/.
h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​b​u​g​s​.​l​a​u​n​c​h​p​a​d​.​n​e​t​/​u​b​u​n​t​u​/​+​s​o​u​r​c​e​/​g​n​o​m​e​-​s​h​e​l​l​/​+​b​u​g​/​9​9​1​7​0​7 is driving me crazy. From the comments, a workaround it to Ctrl+Alt+1 and then Ctrl+Alt+7.
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis Vol. 1 - Comics by comiXology
The new Spider-Man is so good! Cool new powers, a less angsty backstory, and Miles Malones's hanging out with Iron Man and the Ulti-Cats roughly 1 million issues faster that Peter "Slowpoke" Parker.
The Shooting Room – Futility Closet
A fun stats puzzle.
Red Cliff: Theatrical Version
Erica Wolf sent me this movie based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (or, for those of us less than a few hundred year's old, Dynasty Warriors). I haven't seen it yet, but it probably has Lu Bu in it--what more do you need to know?
It’s A Christmas Miracle! – DC Comics Rehires Gail Simone For Batgirl
With a BAM! and a POW! and a REHIRE'D!, Gail Simone is back at the helm of the excellent 2011 reboot of Batgirl.
Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar
Thought I grabbed generic dark chocolate, until I got home and took a bite. I regret nothing!
Judging by this flickr notification, circa 2010 me was reading a little too much Neal Stephenson.

cc: Thomas Dunlap
The Old Reader has the greatest error message, ever.
PSA: w3schools has changed all their search result urls from w3schools to www.w3schools. update your blocked sites accordingly at h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​r​e​v​i​e​w​s​/​t​?​h​l​=​e​n
Men’s Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women | Southern Poverty Law Center
SPLC debunks the top three lies MRAs tell. Delicious!
Nonsensical Infographics - Chad Hagen | Art + Design
Beautiful, reminds me of the Voynich manuscript.
Submission tracker spreadsheet template
Writer types: if you are using duotrope to track your submissions, and are worried about the upcoming pricing changes, here's a no-frills, free alternative:
First Person Shooters: Combat Evolved
I've seen a rise this year in infographics as a Trojan horse for spam. Here's a great example: while not exactly highbrow, I'm guessing d​u​e​l​i​n​g​a​n​a​l​o​g​s​.​c​o​m wouldn't normally link to casino spam.
The Grey Album Gets a Free, Unauthorized Remastering
New version of "The Grey Album" by Danger Mouse, the world's coolest thoughtcriminal.
Subcompact Publishing
I heard Craig give a talk a few months ago, and I've been noodling over this idea of minimal publishing ever since.
Emily Kiernan, being a total bikey at our local bicycle repair shop. Also, I'm going to start calling cyclists "bikeys." Is this awesome? Y/n
h​t​t​p​:​/​/​n​o​-​w​w​w​.​o​r​g​/ vs h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​w​w​w​.​e​x​t​r​a​-​w​w​w​.​o​r​g​/. discuss.

via: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​a​r​g​u​m​e​n​t​d
What is it like to be a bat?
The award for the paper with the funniest title cited by Alien Phenomenology by Ian Bogost goes to...
Trying out h​t​t​p​:​/​/​t​h​e​o​l​d​r​e​a​d​e​r​.​c​o​m​/ today. Love the sparse UI, importing my old feed was easy (google reader spits out an opml file that you can import here), only doodad I'm missing is sorting a folder in reserve chronological order (for the webcomics).
Military Academies Adjusting to Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
“I was overwhelmed,” she said. “Having that many people sign up, it was, like, wow.”

Achewood § Shop
I've been waiting since college for Chris Onstad's Recipes for a Lady or a Man: the Achewood Cookbook to come back in stock on Amazon. Today I learned that you can buy it in PDF form direct for the author!
Merlin Mann talks on his various podcasts about the feeling that everyone else has been given a manual on how to be an adult. I think this cookbook is a chapter from that manual.
Ian Bogost's newest game is on display in Florida today. Still no word on how it works, but you can glean hints from the output of its twitter bot h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​S​i​m​o​n​y​G​a​m​e
Despite snarking with Abben Maguire about this just a week ago, I enjoyed Kurzweil's talk at work today. He didn't refer to any of his recent dubious adventures in nutrition, and made me have feelings and stuff about the future.
Why Is Nobody Asking Whether David Petraeus Is a Honey-Hungry Dickzilla in Heat?
I wish I didn't know what "The goofy, juvenile underpinnings of this scandal imply that everyone involved is basically a stock character getting their first character arc on Degrassi." meant.

via: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​t​h​o​m​a​s​i​s​r​e​a​d​i​n​g​/​s​t​a​t​u​s​/​2​6​9​3​5​0​6​2​0​3​7​1​2​4​3​0​0​8
The first thing I've learned about Raspberry Pi is that raspberry has a "P" in it. Who knew?
Also, ssh pi@rasberrypi.local doesn't work because rasberry != raspberry.
church of robotron
Today's excellent piece of internet is brought to you by h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​k​b​l​n​w.
Residents in Louisiana, other states 'petition' for secession after election
Petitions may be the best joke format of the year: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​n​o​l​a​.​c​o​m​/​p​o​l​i​t​i​c​s​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​s​s​f​/​2​0​1​2​/​1​1​/​l​o​u​i​s​i​a​n​a​_​o​t​h​e​r​_​s​t​a​t​e​s​_​p​e​t​i​t​i​o​.​h​t​m​l

via: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​l​l​e​b​o​n​/​s​t​a​t​u​s​/​2​6​8​3​8​5​5​3​1​1​8​2​8​5​4​1​4​4
Logging into l​i​v​e​.​x​b​o​x​.​c​o​m is harder than you'd expect.
Soup, helping me unpack.
Why does registering to vote sign me up for spam emails from campaigners? There's no way I checked a box labeled "sure, send me spam from campaigners," so how do I turn it off?
ignore the code: Scrolling vs. Pagination
My favorite fight this year: Scrolling vs Pagination!
via: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​t​h​o​m​a​s​i​s​r​e​a​d​i​n​g​/​s​t​a​t​u​s​/​2​6​4​1​7​0​4​1​3​2​5​5​4​5​0​6​2​5
Past Issues 119: Kryah 118: Green 117: Xu & Fridman 116: Taylor
Diana Arterian (d​i​a​n​a​a​r​t​e​r​i​a​n​.​c​o​m) just had a set of her amazing poems based on last words published in The Offending Adam.
It was a pleasure to hear some of these at readings, and now a wider audience can have that pleasure. Way, to go, Diana!
"Is this post-zany?" quoth Emily Kiernan, sleep-deprived and watching h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​i​m​d​b​.​c​o​m​/​t​i​t​l​e​/​t​t​0​5​6​2​6​1​4​/
Netflix knows how to bring the lulz.
Later today, I will be listening to Don Knuth play the organ.
You keep using that word, "optional." I don't think it means what you think it means.
That green icon doesn't really fit the status "Data fetch failure."
In other news, cloudkick is great for monitoring.
Emily Kiernan and I, increasing the hipster per bike ratio at Shoreline Lake. Also pictured: a squirrel that appears to have eaten all the other squirrels.
Saith Emily Kiernan:
"Think of internet ideas like Betty Crocker cake mix. Ready to use-- just add nuance and humanity (to taste). Of course, there is no reason it couldn't come with those things mixed in, but research shows that people feel better when they add them themselves."
Newsweek, makers of the popular websites h​t​t​p​:​/​/​n​e​w​s​w​e​e​k​.​t​u​m​b​l​r​.​c​o​m​/ and h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​t​h​e​d​a​i​l​y​b​e​a​s​t​.​c​o​m​/​n​e​w​s​w​e​e​k​.​h​t​m​l, will be running a special "print" version of their site from now until December 31st. The blogging collective CNN has the full story: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​n​e​w​s​.​b​l​o​g​s​.​c​n​n​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​2​/​1​0​/​1​8​/​n​e​w​s​w​e​e​k​-​e​n​d​i​n​g​-​p​r​i​n​t​-​g​o​i​n​g​-​a​l​l​-​d​i​g​i​t​a​l​/
Amazing story about some frogs that were imported to Australia 80 years ago evolving longer legs: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​n​e​w​s​.​n​a​t​i​o​n​a​l​g​e​o​g​r​a​p​h​i​c​.​c​o​m​/​n​e​w​s​/​2​0​0​6​/​0​2​/​0​2​1​5​_​0​6​0​2​1​5​_​c​a​n​e​_​t​o​a​d​s​.​h​t​m​l
I'm in San Jose today, and would like to eat some Korean BBQ. The consensus so far is that h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​p​l​u​s​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​1​1​4​8​3​5​1​0​2​1​9​6​3​0​0​5​8​0​7​0​7​/​a​b​o​u​t is my best bet--can you top it?
A different take on sexism in IT
What the hell, antirez (creator of Redis)?!
Protip: If you type "reverse sexism" into your editor, you are about to say something terrible on the internet.
What's in this 200 Mb "Compatibility Pack" for Borderlands 2, and why is it downloading so slowly?
Update: Oh... it's a copy of all the assets in the Mechromancer DLC that some subset of users may purchase today. Swell.
Internet kids, Christmas has come early this year! reddit user violentacrez has deleted their account: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​t​h​e​a​t​l​a​n​t​i​c​w​i​r​e​.​c​o​m​/​t​h​i​s​p​a​r​t​o​f​t​h​e​u​r​l​d​o​e​s​n​o​t​h​i​n​g​/​2​0​1​2​/​1​0​/​t​h​i​s​p​a​r​t​o​f​t​h​e​u​r​l​d​o​e​s​n​o​t​h​i​n​g​/​5​7​8​5​0​/

Update: and the promised expose h​t​t​p​:​/​/​m​.​g​a​w​k​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​5​9​5​0​9​8​1​/​u​n​m​a​s​k​i​n​g​-​r​e​d​d​i​t​s​-​v​i​o​l​e​n​t​a​c​r​e​z​-​t​h​e​-​b​i​g​g​e​s​t​-​t​r​o​l​l​-​o​n​-​t​h​e​-​w​e​b
My first weekend in SF, in links (with bonus picture!):
I was too lazy to do pagination on p​s​e​u​d​o​n​y​.​m​s. I like when articles like h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​s​l​a​t​e​.​c​o​m​/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​s​/​t​e​c​h​n​o​l​o​g​y​/​t​e​c​h​n​o​l​o​g​y​/​2​0​1​2​/​1​0​/​w​e​b​s​i​t​e​_​p​a​g​i​n​a​t​i​o​n​_​s​t​o​r​i​e​s​_​s​h​o​u​l​d​_​l​o​a​d​_​i​n​t​o​_​a​_​s​i​n​g​l​e​_​p​a​g​e​_​e​v​e​r​y​_​t​i​m​e​_​.​h​t​m​l come out, because they make it seem like I did that on purpose.
How Google Developers Use Ubuntu ~ Ubuntu Vibes | Daily Ubuntu Linux Updates
I accidentally stumbled across an article about Thomas Bushnell's recent talk on Ubuntu and Google. There's even a recording of the talk at the bottom.
Way to go, Thomas!
I went to the fair last night. Emily Kiernan won me a toy. I think it's my spirit animal?
I would totally watch a TV show about Lil' Edward Tufte. Here's a sneak peek of episode 1:
It was a great last night in hyperrome.
Voter Registration Form - Elections - California Secretary of State
California now has an online voter registration form. It pulls your signature from the DMV, which means no telegraphs, fax machines, pagers, carrier pigeons, candygrams, pajamagrams, snail mail, or other discarded tech are needed to register.

As the youth say: aw, yiss.
Good news! Both major candidates support indefinite detention:

I'm so thrilled I may have to vote twice!
Daniel Steven Crafts is a classical composer who made two amazing cut-up albums, one of soap operas, and another of tv ads.
But wait--it gets better! He's made them available for download for free: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​b​l​o​g​.​w​f​m​u​.​o​r​g​/​f​r​e​e​f​o​r​m​/​2​0​0​7​/​0​4​/​s​o​a​p​_​o​p​e​r​a​_​s​u​i​t​.​h​t​m​l
I've been making a lame joke about "the spiders eating the colors" whenever I feel unwell for years. Tonight I learned that I was referencing a S. E. Hinton book I read in middle school: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​b​o​o​k​s​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​b​o​o​k​s​?​i​d​=​y​9​r​_​u​Y​0​E​G​m​k​C​&​a​m​p​;​q​=​%​2​2​T​h​e​%​2​0​s​p​i​d​e​r​s​%​2​0​w​e​r​e​%​2​0​e​a​t​i​n​g​%​2​0​t​h​e​m​%​2​0​t​o​o​.​%​2​2
A Documentary About Extreme Championship Wrestling ECW
Congrats to John Philapavage and +Kevin Kiernan for hitting the $23k goal on your kickstarter projects! Woo!
&#8203; is better than <wbr />. Thought you should know.
AdBlock, NoScript & Ghostery – The Trifecta Of Evil [Opinion]
Great article on why everyone should install Ghostery and Adblock Plus. Probably not the result the author intended.
Getting a "Database unavailable" message when I try to visit h​t​t​p​:​/​/​b​l​o​g​.​l​a​s​t​.​f​m​/, and api calls to scrobble return successfully, but are not reflected on my "latest added" page. Oh, but the status page is working (everything's just fine, according to that).
This company didn't shut down while I was away, did it?
l​a​s​t​.​f​m suggested I listen to Marnie Stern. Good call!

Abben Maguire: the guitar here is awfully fast, you may like it too.
Infinity fugues: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​8​t​r​a​c​k​s​.​c​o​m​/​m​a​c​r​a​u​c​h​e​n​i​a​/​f​u​g​u​e​-​s​t​a​t​e​s
Because 1 and n + 1 fugues were not enough.
Trying out the game Icehouse* with Emily Kiernan. So far most of the games have ended early with me in the icehouse (all of my defensive pieces are iced).

* h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​w​u​n​d​e​r​l​a​n​d​.​c​o​m​/​i​c​e​h​o​u​s​e​/​I​c​e​h​o​u​s​e​R​u​l​e​s​.​h​t​m​l
I'm so excited about Internet Explorer coming to Xbox that I'm going to go shotgun some energy drinks and do 1,000 chinups. In fact, I'm so excited I'm going to have to put on a third polo shirt--two popped collars are not enough to reflect my excitement.
In other news, doesn't this haunted thing already have a browser? I've never wanted to search for a thing on my console, but I'm pretty sure there's a tab named "bing" already.
Further proof that I am not cool:
According to LA Weekly (h​t​t​p​:​/​/​b​l​o​g​s​.​l​a​w​e​e​k​l​y​.​c​o​m​/​w​e​s​t​c​o​a​s​t​s​o​u​n​d​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​8​/​w​o​r​s​t​_​h​i​p​s​t​e​r​_​b​a​n​d​s​_​a​l​l​_​t​i​m​e​_​c​.​p​h​p), I like 4 of the 20 worst hipster bands (Sleigh Bells, MGMT, The Decemberists, and Arcade Fire).
Even worse, once I listen to the other 16 I will probably like them as well. Except Pomplamoose. Never Pomplamoose.
"Florence" is a short story by Charles Yu, about sharks and time and whether your friends have ever been alive: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​e​c​l​e​c​t​i​c​a​.​o​r​g​/​v​9​n​3​/​y​u​.​h​t​m​l
Got an email from a Beninese gentleman who says a distant relative has left me a large amount of money. I have a good feeling about this, you guys. :)
Another fork of ion3: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​n​o​t​i​o​n​.​s​o​u​r​c​e​f​o​r​g​e​.​n​e​t​/

i​3​w​m​.​o​r​g has been treating me well, but who doesn't like trying out new window managers? Oh, no one likes that? Move along then :)
via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​o​n​e​t​h​i​n​g​w​e​l​l​.​o​r​g​/​p​o​s​t​/​2​7​9​8​0​8​7​4​4​5​5​/​n​o​t​i​o​n
Protocol Introduction · Tent - the decentralized social web
Something interesting from the t​e​n​t​.​i​o docs: specifying up front which kinds of licensed content you are willing to accept from a given entity. I like the idea of being able to say: feel free to send me photos, but only those you are willing to let me remix.
I'd love to see what kind of community develops with this capability.
Can't wait to get home and play this sequel to Gravity Boneh​t​t​p​:​/​/​b​l​e​n​d​o​g​a​m​e​s​.​c​o​m​/​t​h​i​r​t​y​f​l​i​g​h​t​s​o​f​l​o​v​i​n​g​/

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​m​e​t​a​f​i​l​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​1​1​9​1​9​4​/​T​h​e​-​F​u​r​t​h​e​r​-​A​d​v​e​n​t​u​r​e​s​-​O​f​-​C​u​b​e​H​e​a​d
Watching season 1 of Fringe again (I blame Larry Hare). The first time through, I missed Observotron(tm) showing up in every episode--pretty fun.
I did not like The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi--could not even finish it. I was hoping for some light steampunk escapism a la China Miéville. It's... not that.
I'm getting really tired of the George RRRRRRRR Martin school of grit.
Population bottleneck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hilariously, I learned about genetic bottlenecks from Ancient Aliens (stopped clocks twice a day &c).
I hear the diaspora kids have moved on to lolcats.
Good news: the shirt they gave me from the kickstarter has just become 200% more hip.
The Humble Bundle for Android 3 (pay what you want and help charity)
Uplink for tablets and linux! This brings back some great clickenhacken memories.
From issue 5 of the Uncanny X-Men. They only brushed against some of the detonate buttons?
Soup lifts his front left paw when he thinks he's found a tiny creature to chase on our walks. Maybe he thinks it will make him more aerodynamic?
Carlo is a wizard ninja rockstar dracula zombie rhombus ops guy, and he has brought us the greatest site on earth: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​l​o​.​n​o​.​d​e
Hint: hit refresh for continuous cat gifs.

Source is at: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​g​i​t​h​u​b​.​c​o​m​/​f​l​o​r​e​s​/​m​o​a​r​c​a​t​s
Supermarkets Try Customizing Prices for Shoppers
Today in "Things We Saw Coming But Did Anyway to Save 30 Cents:"
"Auditing Process R2-45" sounds exactly like a joke from h​t​t​p​:​/​/​e​n​.​w​i​k​i​p​e​d​i​a​.​o​r​g​/​w​i​k​i​/​P​a​r​a​n​o​i​a​_​(​r​o​l​e​-​p​l​a​y​i​n​g​_​g​a​m​e​)
An adorable kid with a mechanical exoskeleton. I defy you to watch Emma drawing and not have feelings and stuff.

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​m​a​s​h​a​b​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​8​/​0​3​/​3​d​-​p​r​i​n​t​e​d​-​m​a​g​i​c​-​a​r​m​s​/
Lulz, what a  way to "recognize" the contributions of my stackoverflow account: with spam.
Bash tip of the day:
If you've ever tried to write a command to change your current working directory in bash, and were annoyed to learn that scripts do not change their parent's directory, behold!
~$ echo "cd /var/log" >> cder
~$ chmod +x cder
~$ ./cder
~$ # nothing happened, same dir, boo!
~$ . cder
/var/log$ # woahs we changed directory the spiders are eating the colors!!!
Mwa ha ha ha.
$ ruby color.rb 'i​s​r​y​a​n​a​t​t​h​e​o​f​f​i​c​e​.​c​o​m'
number of unique colors: 0

Context: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​c​o​d​e​r​w​a​l​l​.​c​o​m​/​p​/​u​7​k​z​u​a
Zero-indexed stairways at the airport.

Speaking of off-by-one, I showed up a week early for my flight. Yup.
Some recent controversy in Second Life over names: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​s​n​i​c​k​i​t​t​y​.​b​l​o​g​s​p​o​t​.​i​t​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​7​/​b​r​i​n​g​-​b​a​c​k​-​l​a​s​t​-​n​a​m​e​s​-​i​n​-​s​e​c​o​n​d​-​l​i​f​e​.​h​t​m​l

As a big fan of the "single textbox" school of name interface design, I found it surprising that the Second Citizenry would react the way they have. Whether or not it applies to the issues of online identity that I like to think about, it is food for thought.
I was in a meeting today with 10 tech workers. On the subject of the Olympics, it was revealed that no one in the room was able to watch the events in realtime, except one attendee on video chat who happened to be in London during the Olympics.
Predictions: miserable viewership numbers, miserable ad revenue, and hilarious quote from NBC in a week about how this is the fault of piracy, somehow.
Twitter has somehow got the idea that I'm dead and need to be resurrected. Here's what I imagine the check for this looks like:
if (not tweeted about the olympics opening ceremony) {
  return probably_dead
Good news for people who like bad news for Chick-fil-a:
All quiet on the stream--am I the only one experiencing netflix downtime?
Prepare to spend the weekend mixing tasty whiskey drinks: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​o​a​k​a​n​d​g​r​a​i​n​.​t​u​m​b​l​r​.​c​o​m​/

via: p​e​t​a​l​p​h​i​l​e​.​c​o​m
H O R S E is a math rock band from PA. Their free album "Housebreaker" is full of vocal-free, time-signature flipping goodness (like your math rock mama used to make): h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​h​o​r​s​e​.​b​a​n​d​c​a​m​p​.​c​o​m​/

via: Kevin Kiernan 
99 Bottles of Beer | Language Inferno Shell
Thanks to d​e​b​u​.​g​s, you can now count beer bottles in Inferno shell.
I did an extremely poor job finding a gastropub. I'm awarding myself half credit, because burrito.
Batman Fans Lose Their Minds Over Negative DARK KNIGHT RISES Reviews
I feel like "causes people to scream on the internet" should be reflected in the ratings for movies.
Can you think of any other movies where the movie is good but the fans are bad? I'd say "Fight Club" but I didn't particularly like the movie either.
5by5 | Back to Work #76: The Avatar of Dorian Gray
40 minutes later, I have forgotten everything I ever knew about steak. I am the tao master of not knowing things about steak.
Breaking announcement: I am a nerdlinger.
Adobe - Digital Editions
HAHA I don't meet the minimum requirements for Adobe Digital Editions.
For the uninitiated, that's a euphemism for "you are one of those filthy linux users."
So now I'm off to download random scripts from forums in order to unlock my ebooks.
Feel free to turn the sound off if the song annoys, but take a look at the clips of Star Wars in this video. One interesting pattern I noticed is that Star Wars has very few women in it.
I guess this should have been obvious before, but the random seeking makes it clearer. What the heck, Star Wars?

video via: Legbamel Not-Pop 
Today I learned that when the power goes out in Laguna Beach at 11pm, the nearest wifi is... my office.
Bonus learnings: when the manual says "don't feed the gremlins in the evening" you should trust the Nice Manual Authors.
Sordello is 40,000 word narrative poem that makes no sense and is rumored to drive people mad: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​f​u​t​i​l​i​t​y​c​l​o​s​e​t​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​6​/​1​5​/​a​-​g​l​a​s​s​-​d​a​r​k​l​y​/
Better yet, it's available as a free ebook: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​p​l​a​y​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​s​t​o​r​e​/​b​o​o​k​s​/​d​e​t​a​i​l​s​?​i​d​=​R​m​4​Y​A​A​A​A​M​A​A​J
And as plaintext: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​a​r​c​h​i​v​e​.​o​r​g​/​s​t​r​e​a​m​/​s​o​r​d​e​l​l​o​0​0​b​r​o​w​r​i​c​h​/​s​o​r​d​e​l​l​o​0​0​b​r​o​w​r​i​c​h​_​d​j​v​u​.​t​x​t
Update: and a markov chain twitter bot: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​S​o​r​d​e​l​l​o​M​a​t​i​c
More on the UKs steady creep into an absurdist police state: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​f​a​l​k​v​i​n​g​e​.​n​e​t​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​7​/​1​2​/​i​n​-​t​h​e​-​u​k​-​y​o​u​-​w​i​l​l​-​g​o​-​t​o​-​j​a​i​l​-​n​o​t​-​j​u​s​t​-​f​o​r​-​e​n​c​r​y​p​t​i​o​n​-​b​u​t​-​f​o​r​-​a​s​t​r​o​n​o​m​i​c​a​l​-​n​o​i​s​e​-​t​o​o​/

via: Alec Koumjian 

Aside from the innocent-but-encrypted-looking example and the encrypted-but-innocent-looking example in the article, consider:
* That an encrypted harddrive can have more than one volume inside it. How do you convince the UK that you've provided all of the passwords they are asking for?
* That having a file does not mean you created that file. Consider h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​r​e​d​d​i​t​.​c​o​m​/​r​/​A​s​k​R​e​d​d​i​t​/​c​o​m​m​e​n​t​s​/​w​e​o​8​j​/​t​o​d​a​y​_​a​_​h​o​m​e​l​e​s​s​_​l​o​o​k​i​n​g​_​m​a​n​_​h​a​n​d​e​d​_​m​e​_​5​0​_​a​n​d​/ where a redditor accidentally acquired some encrypted information which they were unable to puzzle out. Have a programming challenge problem on your laptop but haven't solved it yet? Too bad!
* The idea that 1 file corresponds to 1 password is silly. An encrypted file can be broken into parts and scattered, and an encryption method can require more than 1 passwords. As a stupid example, Adobe's DRM system for ebooks requires communicating with a server each time you wish to open a book. If Adobe goes out of business (hasten the day!) or has downtime and the UK thinks I have secrets in my ebooks, what am I supposed to do?
A fun video about learning to cheat in order to get better at security. "trust but verify" would make a pretty excellent tattoo.

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​s​c​h​n​e​i​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​b​l​o​g​/​a​r​c​h​i​v​e​s​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​6​/​t​e​a​c​h​i​n​g​_​t​h​e​_​s​e​.​h​t​m​l
The Sound and the Fury | Folio Illustrated Book
Simply amazing. But if printing a book with colors costs so much that they must charge $350, I'm hoping they will sell an ebook for less than $20 so us plebes can enjoy it.

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​l​a​t​i​m​e​s​b​l​o​g​s​.​l​a​t​i​m​e​s​.​c​o​m​/​j​a​c​k​e​t​c​o​p​y​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​7​/​t​h​e​-​s​o​u​n​d​-​a​n​d​-​t​h​e​-​f​u​r​y​-​a​s​-​w​i​l​l​i​a​m​-​f​a​u​l​k​n​e​r​-​i​m​a​g​i​n​e​d​-​i​n​-​c​o​l​o​r​.​h​t​m​l
120 miles outside of LA, I found the perfect rebuttal:
At first I thought they meant "fresh Italian bread," but the packaging clearly says "French"...
World's Best Erasure Poet
Great news!
Sniff... so proud...
Karaoke in an empty desert bar. As the cactus farmer on stage is currently insisting, I am living la vida loco.
Good news! The vet was able to get the foxtail out of Soup's foot.
Judging by the receipt, he is loaded up on ketamine and valium.
This may explain why he's convinced he's a vacuum cleaner.
It's impressive that the recent AWS downtime was so severe it took out Net "has a totally redundant setup and is able to handle AWS downtime" Flix: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​N​e​t​f​l​i​x​h​e​l​p​s​/​s​t​a​t​u​s​/​2​1​8​9​1​4​3​4​3​2​3​9​1​7​2​0​9​6
Arbitrage in Eve Online

The highlight of my evening was smuggling oxygen through nullsec. Someone on one side of the Spooky Bad Zone was selling oxygen for too little, and someone on the other side was buying if for too much. Don't ask me where the oxygen came from, and why anyone would want it--I just loaded my unarmed industrial ship to the gills with the stuff and snuck it through.

For nudging the price of a few goods back towards equilibrium, I made a cool 400k play dollars. I neither confirm nor deny whether I needed a spreadsheet (in space!) to plan any of that.
It's interesting watching Bar Karma descend into community-generated madness over 12 episodes. Sad I didn't hear about it until it ended.
Today's jam:
Charles Schwab is making me come up with a password that is 6-8 characters and has a number between two letters somewhere in it.
Clearly this whole world has gone mad.
Emily Kiernan's been on a publishing streak lately. The latest:
Debu.gs: Inferno Part 2: Let's Make a Cluster!
Another entry in Pete's introduction to Inferno. "Yo dawg" jokes may or may not be included.
A Scanner Darkly for $1.99 today: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​p​l​a​y​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​s​t​o​r​e​/​b​o​o​k​s​/​d​e​t​a​i​l​s​/​P​h​i​l​i​p​_​K​_​D​i​c​k​_​A​_​S​c​a​n​n​e​r​_​D​a​r​k​l​y​?​i​d​=​8​c​n​h​I​q​B​M​8​u​Y​C

If you need further encouragement than "It's goddamn PKD!" here is a picture of my dog sleeping on a couch:
Based on David's erratic behavior and disregard for the wishes of his users, I have decided that AI in the Prometheus universe are based on Ruby on Rails.
Ran into this extra cute, extra elongated corgi at the dog beach last friday.
Emily Kiernan just pointed out that "skulls for the skull throne" is an example of synecdoche.
Thought you should know.
My favorite EVE adventure so far: space insurance fraud.

A tutorial mission had me driving a ship rigged to blow to a nearby base and setting it off. On my way to the target, I stopped at the Insurance office and bought the most expensive plan possible.

After the ship was destroyed, the insurance company dutifully mailed me 31k of play money.

It's a pitifully small amount of money in the grand scheme of things in EVE (for instance the mission payed 3 times that), but I go a kick out of committing an extremely mundane crime in a game about Epic Adventures.
How to answer a question: a simple system | DDI
Interesting article about a brute force approach to automatically answering questions. What I like best is that me from high-school could have used this article to build a junky clone of Watson.

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​n​e​w​s​.​y​c​o​m​b​i​n​a​t​o​r​.​c​o​m​/​i​t​e​m​?​i​d​=​4​1​1​3​7​2​9
Dang it EVE online, don't tell me what to do.

It's been a big year for computers telling me how my passwords should look. Next, I expect Chase to tell me my PIN should contain one prime followed by the number of letters in my mother's maiden name.
Tropes vs. Women in Video Games
In case you needed an extra reason to support this project, it appears to have angered a lot of truly awful humans.
Donating is like flipping reddit the bird with money!
While reading this poem by A. E. Housman, I had the pleasant thought that I will probably live to see the MPAA shut down:

Her strong enchantments failing,
    Her towers of fear in wreck,
Her limbecks dried of poisons
    And the knife at her neck,

The Queen of air and darkness
    Begins to shrill and cry,
'O young man, O my slayer,
    To-morrow you shall die.'

O Queen of air and darkness,
    I think 'tis truth you say,
And I shall die to-morrow;
    But you will die to-day.

from: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​i​n​f​o​m​o​t​i​o​n​s​.​c​o​m​/​e​t​e​x​t​s​/​g​u​t​e​n​b​e​r​g​/​d​i​r​s​/​e​t​e​x​t​0​5​/​7​l​s​p​m​1​0​.​h​t​m
I don't know how anyone can study Arthurian legends. The Fisher King? The Questing Beast? 100% nightmare fuel.
I watched Prometheus last night, followed by the first Alien. First, I'm surprised at how beautiful Alien is--I'd put it head to head with 2001. Second, it's very cool how many shots are the same in the reboot. There's a silver axe in the escape pod that made me clap my hands together in child-like joy when I saw it was in both films.
Still fiddling with the best way to record gameplay on my xbox. The windows requirement finally broke my spirit, and I replaced the Roxio GameCap with Hauppauge HD PVR.

So. Nice.

Now I can just "cat /dev/video1 > video.ts" and upload the video to youtube. Results below:
As a followup to that Marco Arment quote from the other day:

I like justified text, and I also like including plain ugly urls in my posts. These two loves have not go together before now, meaning that the lines
before long urls had weird spacing. By committing unnameable html horrors (a la h​t​t​p​:​/​/​j​s​f​i​d​d​l​e​.​n​e​t​/​w​p​Z​D​7​/​1​/) to my blog today, I was able to get nice wrapping of long urls and prettier justified text. Complete control, zero oversight, huge fontsize... feels good man.
PARTY HARD shall be the whole of the law.
Dinosaur Comics - May 17th, 2012 - awesome fun times!
T-Rex and I are of one mind on this: Aaaahhh why aren't we beings of pure energy yet?
Compact and flexible thermal storage - Research News June 2012 - Topic 3
Recent news about storing heat reminds me of the "kink springs" in Paolo Bacigalupi's novels. The future is going to be weird you guys!
Why isn't Marco.org built on Tumblr?
My website is generated by a crazy, hand-rolled collection of node.js scripts. Considering what a solved problem blogging is, why don't I use some off-the-shelf software? 

Marco Arment has a pretty good answer:
"Writing your own blog platform is like roasting your own coffee: it's impractical and you probably shouldn't do it, but for people who really, truly care about it, it's worthwhile to them for their own personal priorities that sound crazy to everyone else."

via: t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​s​p​l​a​d​o​w
Death to text messages. You can hack around the text-only restriction, you can hack around the character limits, you can hack around the lack of one-to-many support (but only if you control all the phones); it will still be shit.
How my todo list works
via: @arguementd
You may have had other plans for tonight. Here are your new plans: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​i​.​i​m​g​u​r​.​c​o​m​/​o​y​o​M​u​.​g​i​f

"thanks" to David Rostal, destroyer of worlds
Ubuntu Software Center has the indie bundle, so I'm actually using it for the first time.
The good: "Full name" is a freeform text field, which accepts "."
The bad: They have a password policy which mandates 1 number and 1 upper case character. Stop telling me what to do, Ubuntu.
The Humble Indie Bundle V (pay what you want and help charity)
The newest Humble Indie Bundle includes Psychonauts (with Linux support).
From the ENTER>text reading tonight.
Silverlake Jubilee. Moar neon!
Don Marquis is fascinating. Also, I wish I had thought of Prefaces first.
The Black Widow's one weakness is... shopping.
I am ready for my hoverboard now.
Ohio Supreme Court dismisses same-sex marriage lawsuit
Whoops your homophobic schemes.

Not sure what the point was. Is the state that added a Jim Crow law to the books in 1953 really going to do the right thing before the fed makes them?
Narrowing the Gender Gap in the Open Source community
A great idea. Conferences probably like people showing up more than they like fostering sexism. Probably.
YouTube - Sunset Rubdown - The Taming of the Hands That Came Back to Life.
Rye is a sometimes food.
This is a caption of me around 12pm today:
The most interesting news for me in h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​b​u​s​i​n​e​s​s​i​n​s​i​d​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​f​a​c​e​b​o​o​k​-​m​o​r​g​a​n​-​s​t​a​n​l​e​y​-​s​u​e​d is that Facebook's users are shifting to mobile-only in significant enough numbers to impact ad revenue.
With all the hubbub at the office this week, Emily Kiernan thought we might need some soothing words:
A worrying frame from: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​m​a​r​v​e​l​.​w​i​k​i​a​.​c​o​m​/​T​a​l​e​s​_​o​f​_​S​u​s​p​e​n​s​e​_​V​o​l​_​1​_​4​7

Tony "H. H. Holmes" Stark, ladies and gentlemen.
After watching The Avengers, I was smack-talking Iron Man at a party. Marco DiDomenico called me out, correctly, for having no idea who Iron Man was.

To remedy this, I've been reading Iron Man comics, starting with the shorts in "Tales of Suspense." The question that has been driving me crazy these first few issues is: why does Tony Stark keeps his identity a secret? It's not because he's worried about being attacked off-hours--the man is always getting attacked as Tony Stark anyway. It's not because he's worried about his family's safety--this smug jerk doesn't even have a pet cat.

The best reason I've found so far is from issue 40*: Tony is embarrassed about his ugly metal sleeveless shirt. See for yourself:

* h​t​t​p​:​/​/​m​a​r​v​e​l​.​w​i​k​i​a​.​c​o​m​/​T​a​l​e​s​_​o​f​_​S​u​s​p​e​n​s​e​_​V​o​l​_​1​_​4​0
Debu.gs: Inferno Part 1: Shell
The next part in Pete's Inferno series is about the shell. This one spent a day on HN's frontpage, possibly because it picked a fight with... well, every shell. Yes, even that one.
I heard an interesting story today about using roses as an early warning sign of disease in vineyards. There is a common ailment called "powdery mildew" that affects both grapes and roses, but a different fungi fungus seems to be responsible in each case:

I'm not a real horticulturist (I just play one on the internet)--are there any green thumbs out there who can clarify whether I've been told a tall tale?
This dog is coping well with living in a tarantula.
I think I'm at a wine tasting in a tarantula, but I may have misheard.
Mark Twain came to Tustin this week. I had a great time at my first Charles Kiernan show.
Current status h​t​t​p​:​/​/​m​l​k​s​h​k​.​c​o​m​/​r​/​2​I​3​4
Judge Forrest Enjoins Enforcement of Federal Law Authorizing Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Who Provide “Substantial Support” to Terrorist Groups | S.D.N.Y. Blog
I wish the president had just vetoed this crazy law when he had the chance. I'm glad the ol' checks and balances and taking a shot at reverting it.
I've been walking past these honeysuckles on my way to and from work for almost a year. Finally noticed them today.

Browsers and Apps in 2012
It's shocking how thought-provoking Tim Bray can be when he's not talking about cameras, boats, or bathroom fan timers.
Debu.gs: Inferno Part 0: Namespaces
Pete has started an introductory guide to Inferno, which I learned in said article is an operating system. I think. It was almost introductory enough for me, so have at it: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​d​e​b​u​.​g​s​/​e​n​t​r​i​e​s​/​i​n​f​e​r​n​o​-​p​a​r​t​-​0​-​n​a​m​e​s​p​a​c​e​s
TechCrunch | Spire.io: A New Platform For Serverless Apps That Work On Web & Mobile
I woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise--my former coworkers are on techcruch today! Congrats, you wacky Border Stylons!
How to Delete a Scheduled Google Analytics Email

* visit a​n​a​l​y​t​i​c​s​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m
* click on "sign in". I have to do this every time I visit analytics and it drives me mad. I'm already signed in!!1!... anyway...
* click on the domain name. you probably just have one, but in case you have more I mean the domain the scheduled email is being sent about.
* click on "admin"
* click on "assets"
* click on "scheduled email"
* click "delete" next to the email you want to delete
* click "delete" to confirm
First ubuntu install in a while.
So... you have to hold down shift to see grub on boot now. Mashing the F- keys like a madman does nothing... I hear.
Ramune and vanilla ice cream float.

I liked it so much when I had it at h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​y​o​j​i​e​.​c​o​m​/ that I had to recreate it at home.
Crazy hair, or just crazy enough to work hair?
Run Hello » Blog Archive » Drumcircle
Drumcircle is a fun, lo-fi app for making looping music. I consistently disappoint myself when I try to make music, but in 30 minutes or so I was able to get some bleeps and bloops that made me smile.

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​a​u​n​t​i​e​p​i​x​e​l​a​n​t​e​.​c​o​m​/​?​p​=​1​6​2​6
4 Years Later, Race Is Still Issue for Some Voters
The good news: the state I spent the majority of my childhood in has been featured in the New York Times.
The bad news: it's for being super racist.

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​f​e​m​i​n​i​s​t​i​n​g​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​5​/​0​4​/​w​h​a​t​-​w​e​-​m​i​s​s​e​d​-​6​4​1​/
My stream is full of Tom Robbins quotes for #philosophyfriday
Internet, we may need to break up.
I finally figured out how to get my tweets indexed with the appropriate authorship information: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​p​s​e​u​d​o​n​y​.​m​s​/​b​l​a​g​s​/​i​n​d​e​x​-​y​o​u​r​-​t​w​e​e​t​s​.​h​t​m​l
Emily Kiernan found a chocolate-flavored straw at the bottom of a box of cereal, and decided to drink her Moscow Mule with it.
And the award for grossest "promoted" tweet goes to:
How to use Secret Keys in Google App Engine
A few weeks ago I had a question about environment variables in GAE. Here's my writeup of the answer I found.
A gorgeous electronic song from 1977.

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​a​r​g​u​m​e​n​t​d
A great photo by Diana Arterian of a major (and majorly weird) Silver Lake landmark.
some serious ruby WAT h​t​t​p​:​/​/​h​a​s​t​e​b​i​n​.​c​o​m​/​j​e​r​e​j​i​v​e​m​u​.​r​b

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​a​r​g​u​m​e​n​t​d
Today in life-changing command line tips, reptyr lets you move a process from one terminal to another. Helpful for moving things into screen, for example.
I've been having a little trouble with wrist strain, so I got a fancy keyboard and mouse to give my wrists a little help.
Still not as Space Age as Thomas Dunlap's desk, but I'm getting there. The man comes from actual Space--give me a little slack!
Spotted on my way to h​t​t​p​:​/​/​b​l​a​c​k​c​l​o​c​k​.​o​r​g​/​e​v​e​n​t​s​/​2​0​1​2​/​b​l​a​c​k​-​c​l​o​c​k​-​1​5​-​r​e​a​d​i​n​g​-​a​t​-​l​a​c​m​a​/

I've been here for 2 years now, and I still get excited whenever the LA River has a little bit of water in it. The better to drown those giant, radioactive ants, I guess.
Critical Distance | April 29th
A great article on Critical Distance cataloging some weirder stories about video games: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​c​r​i​t​i​c​a​l​-​d​i​s​t​a​n​c​e​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​4​/​2​9​/​a​p​r​i​l​-​2​9​t​h​/

I just got a copy of Anne Anthropy's Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, and it has me all excited about finding the personal and weird in video games.
Interesting tidbit I came across while reading Michael Moorcock's Modern Times 2.0: Texas has no state income tax. Digging further, neither does Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington or Wyoming.

I think that's disgusting. I live in a state with a fairly progressive income tax scheme, and I could easily, easily afford to pay more than I do.

Does anyone else in this haunted country remember that class in high school where they learned that sales tax is regressive? Does "regressive" sound like a good thing to you?
Just when you think "Yo, is this Racist?" cannot get any better--"Twin Peaks" references. h​t​t​p​:​/​/​y​o​i​s​t​h​i​s​r​a​c​i​s​t​.​c​o​m​/​p​o​s​t​/​2​1​8​1​3​4​1​3​1​7​7
The phrase "notwithstanding any other provision of law" reminds me strongly of Nomic.
Edit: that cnet logo looks so bad I'm switching from a snippet to a plain url
Arimaa - The game of Real Intelligence
It's not strictly in the rules that I have to talk in a funny voice about "mah bunnehs" while playing Arimaa.
But it helps.
Corium Magazine » Diana Arterian – Spring 2012
Diana Arterian's Death Centos are poems constructed from last words. Two of these poems are in Corium Magaizine, so you should read them.
Soup du Jour's favorite spot to be scratched is right... there:
I always snort a superior snort whenever someone on Twitter is excited about something trending when it's really only trending in their tiny little town.

Here's a dumb question I should have thought to ask before: are trending topics on Google+ global, or based on where I live/who is in my circles?
W3Fools – A W3Schools Intervention
Go to h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​r​e​v​i​e​w​s​/​t
Add "h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​3​s​c​h​o​o​l​s​.​c​o​m" to the list of manually blocked sites
All your searches for CSS, HTML, JS are no longer filled with this awful misinformation/filler/spam. Results from Mozilla now reach the top, where they belong.
On the subject of h​t​t​p​:​/​/​i​o​9​.​c​o​m​/​5​9​0​3​2​2​1​/​m​e​e​t​-​x​n​a​-​t​h​e​-​f​i​r​s​t​-​s​y​n​t​h​e​t​i​c​-​d​n​a​-​t​h​a​t​-​e​v​o​l​v​e​s​-​l​i​k​e​-​t​h​e​-​r​e​a​l​-​t​h​i​n​g , Emily Kiernan had this to say:
"It's just like regular dna, except we've added tiny metal wings."
My pet Soup du Jour is upset that I've interrupted his reading.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (2012)
Forget those Mad Men, I'm getting my fashion advice from Miss Fisher!
Emily Kiernan made some amazing dumplings for dinner last weekend. Nom nom nom!
The fifth column.
Reported my first golang bug: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​c​o​d​e​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​p​/​g​o​/​i​s​s​u​e​s​/​d​e​t​a​i​l​?​i​d​=​3​5​1​7
Feels good.
Mark Z. Danielewski’s The Familiar: Coming in 27 Volumes from Pantheon
Speaking of Danielewski--more Danielewski!
ECHIDNE of the snakes
In this post, Echidne quotes heavily from A History of Women: Silences in the Middle Ages on the subject of women joining craft halls in large numbers (and then being banned almost entirely) in the middle ages.
I normally skip over the middle ages as a total bore-fest, but this story is worth digging into.
OkCupid letter | HTMLGIANT
As a unbearable MZD fan who has an unread copy of 2666, I'm precisely in the cross-hairs for this joke.

via: Emily Kiernan
Hard Truths about Mass Effect
There is no possible set of choices you can make in the character creation menu that will not result in David Bowie's cheekbones.
At Seaworld, I discovered the real American dream: riding around on dolphins like skis.
After watching a recent Microsoft video (Googlighting), I just had to get this tie.
There is a free (as in $0 and as in DRM-free) copy of Fallout 1 available today on g​o​g​.​c​o​m: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​g​o​g​.​c​o​m​/​e​n​/​g​a​m​e​c​a​r​d​/​f​a​l​l​o​u​t
Drove past this beauty on my way home from San Diego. Not knowing the real name for this modern/gothic style of architecture, I will describe it as "Cotton Mather in Space."
Dinosaur Comics - March 27th, 2012 - awesome fun times!
Wise words from T-Rex:
"I want holodecks in my lifetime and I'm not afraid to enhance the timeline to get them."
Who are these gnomes? Why am I crying?

via: Emily Kiernan
DianaA « Two Serious Ladies
Two of Diana's poems were just published on Two Serious Ladies. You should read them!
RE: “Fake Geek Girls” | Dunlap Dabbles
Thomas Dunlap wrote a great article about why "Is She a Real Geek?" is the wrong question: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​d​u​n​l​a​p​d​a​b​b​l​e​s​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​3​/​2​8​/​r​e​-​f​a​k​e​-​g​e​e​k​-​g​i​r​l​s​/​8​9​1
How do I set environment variables on appengine?

Here's how I would do it on heroku: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​d​e​v​c​e​n​t​e​r​.​h​e​r​o​k​u​.​c​o​m​/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​s​/​c​o​n​f​i​g​-​v​a​r​s Here's how I would do it on joyent: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​n​e​w​-​w​i​k​i​.​j​o​y​e​n​t​.​c​o​m​/​d​i​s​p​l​a​y​/​n​o​d​e​/​N​o​d​e​.​j​s​+​S​m​a​r​t​M​a​c​h​i​n​e​+​F​A​Q​#​N​o​d​e​.​j​s​S​m​a​r​t​M​a​c​h​i​n​e​F​A​Q​-​I​n​e​e​d​t​o​p​a​s​s​s​o​m​e​A​P​I​c​r​e​d​e​n​t​i​a​l​s​t​o​m​y​N​o​d​e​.​j​s​p​r​o​c​e​s​s

Yes, I can include another config file in my project. Yes, I can stick variables I need in memcache or some other datastore. But surely there is a way to just set some environment variables?
Spotted on my way out the door this morning.
Stayed up until 2am watching Ancient Aliens? I know that feel, bro.
Tonight I wrote my first program in Go (g​i​t​h​u​b​.​c​o​m​/​t​h​e​b​i​g​b​a​d​/​n​o​v​e​l​t​y​.​g​o) and pushed my first app to GAE (i​s​r​y​a​n​a​t​t​h​e​o​f​f​i​c​e​.​a​p​p​s​p​o​t​.​c​o​m). I have to say, I'm enjoying both so far.

Since I'm too sleepy to add basic auth, you can change the answer on the page by visiting i​s​r​y​a​n​a​t​t​h​e​o​f​f​i​c​e​.​a​p​p​s​p​o​t​.​c​o​m​/​y​e​s or i​s​r​y​a​n​a​t​t​h​e​o​f​f​i​c​e​.​a​p​p​s​p​o​t​.​c​o​m​/​n​o . I also am not persisting the current answer, so it will revert to yes whenever GAE decides to restart my instance.
My littlest sister and I finished Portal 2 Coop today. These are some clips from the final level, where we look pretty badass solving the "hard" puzzles, but I manage to fall all over myself on the final joke puzzle.
To Mass Effect 3 players, from Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of BioWare
I still haven't picked up a copy (I'm still stuck on the first planet of ME1), but it sounds like by the time I get there the ending may be... well, different at least.

"Building on their research, Exec Producer Casey Hudson and the team are hard at work on a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey. You’ll hear more on this in April."

Personally I'm rooting for a DLC named "Buy a good ending to the game you already bought." That's the subtitle of the Fort Knox DLC for Borderlands, right?
My Roxio Gamecap arrived in the mail today. It refuses to look like a generic video capture device so I have to use it on Windows, it requires a serial key to install the drivers for no good reason, but otherwise looks fun.
I'm able to use it as an input device in a Hangout, so that will be fun.
Here's a quick test video showing me doing an awful job of picking a lock in Kingdoms of Amalur.
These little gremlins keep sneaking into my cubicle.

I was going to make a joke about them demanding I purchase accessories, when I realized it was a reference to this crazy radio broadcast about the dangers of addiction I heard when I was very young: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​a​i​o​w​i​k​i​.​c​o​m​/​w​i​k​i​/​T​h​e​_​T​w​i​l​i​f​e​_​Z​o​n​e

Considering how varied our cultural experiences are, it's a wonder if I'm ever coherent.
Good news! The insurance companies check got here and I was able to replace my old smashed car with a Mazda Protege 5. Not only is it the El Camino of station wagons, it's yellow!
Pop Culture Pirate
Pop Culture Pirate rebuilds TV--faster, stronger, smarter. So good.

via: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​f​e​m​i​n​i​s​t​i​n​g​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​3​/​2​0​/​m​a​d​-​m​e​n​-​r​e​m​i​x​-​a​-​q​u​e​e​r​-​l​o​v​e​-​s​t​o​r​y​/
Holden tattboy - Google+
The awesome nym'd user of the day is tattboy Holden.

If you like:
* animated gifs of cats h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​p​l​u​s​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​1​0​8​8​5​1​9​5​7​2​4​2​7​6​3​5​7​8​2​1​4​/​p​o​s​t​s​/​h​W​D​C​H​7​K​e​c​J​e
* techno h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​p​l​u​s​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​1​0​8​8​5​1​9​5​7​2​4​2​7​6​3​5​7​8​2​1​4​/​p​o​s​t​s​/​L​E​c​Q​U​x​W​2​K​9​4
* people with a million tattoos

Then you are in the 99% who should hang out with +tattboy Holden.
Edit this Fiddle - jsFiddle
I've been agitating for a generative music project for a few days. Thanks to the great intro at h​t​t​p​:​/​/​e​p​x​.​c​o​m​.​b​r​/​a​r​t​i​g​o​s​/​a​u​d​i​o​a​p​i​.​p​h​p, I have a working (in Chrome) demo of generating some boring music from the string "this is a dog named jeff":

update: I've been fiddling with this with the volume turned very low, at normal volume my demo is crazy-loud. you have been warned.
Fear and Loathing in Amalur

This giant tree is nervous that I might be a psychotic killer instead of a hero, so it asks me to take care of a troll problem in a way that demonstrates my heart. There is only one way to complete this quest--running around like a psychotic killer stabbing all moving things--and that seems to have satisfied the tree that I'm a nice guy.

I've fought through all defenses and made it into the Kind of Holographic Witch's lair. Bad news--I'm overburdened with loot already and she says I'm trapped inside! Except when I turn around and walk back out the door... it's unlocked.

Fallout 3's addiction mechanics seemed cheesy, but games I've played afterwards seem really strange without them. Whenever a fight is going poorly, my character pops over 15 assorted uppers, downers, whippets and goofballs, with no long term effects. He can stop any time he wants to, man, he's just under a lot of pressure with this generic fantasy kindgom to save.
I've started going to the gym this year. It's been going pretty well, but I've been doing a lot of running in red Chuck Taylors. Don't get me wrong, anything John Nash likes to wear is fresh as hell, but these hightops have been killing my arches. I finally gave in today and bought some low-end running shoes with real padding. Ran 4.5 miles, and my feet feel great.
Moral of the story: don't be a vain hipster like me, kids--run in running shoes.
I wanted to write Zero and One slash fiction, but I couldn't figure out what it's value was...
Today's been pretty quiet, and it's a little chilly.

I appreciate the sense of space and quiet in this song, if that makes any sense.
This morning I noticed that my background image and it's thumbnail lined up just right. Fractals are pretty tasty:
My Name
My name did not make it through the account suspension, but as of this morning I am back.

Last night, I wrote a piece on my personal blog about naming and me:
Whee, now my account is being threatened with suspension for violating the names policy.

I wonder whose brilliant idea it was to not include an appeal link in the scare message...
Argent Stonecutter - Google+ - Not under threat of suspension any more! Three cheers and a…
Good news, Argent Stonecutter's account is no longer being reviewed!

Keep it weird, Argent--let's show all of these people with "normal" names how it's done :)
Adactio: Journal—What do I know?
Just found a tip about tying your shoelaces that is almost as exciting as that the tip for how to make Ctrl+S not do terrible things in my terminal:
Put This On, Episode 2: Shoes
Made some vegetable tajine for dinner tonight.

The recipe: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​c​h​o​w​.​c​o​m​/​r​e​c​i​p​e​s​/​1​0​8​4​0​-​v​e​g​e​t​a​b​l​e​-​t​a​g​i​n​e
Pictures from my first 5k, the LA Chinatown Firecracker.

Emily Kiernan and +Elyse Lattanzio (the coolest kids in the second picture) talked me into it, and I had a surprisingly good time. Eating at Brite Spot afterwards with a tiny medal around my neck: bonus.
My favorite online calculator has gotten uppity:

Oh, and they want me to register to unlock features like "copy to clipboard"? Hahahahano.
youtube fail

14 times in a row, I opened a video, this ad for the Droid RAZR (a shitty, lowend phone verizon is pushing way too hard) came on and I hit the "next track" button. 14 times in a row!

I have an android phone! it's nicer than the razr! It's signed into my google account! When I click away from an ad, don't show it to me again! surely there must be more than one advertiser selling videos on youtube today!

I was looking at normalize.css today, and came across some css syntax I did't understand.

What does the "*" in " *zoom: 1;" do?
A: David Lynch, Sparklehorse, and Danger Mouse.
Q: That's an easy one, Alex. What are my three favorite things that have been rolled into one delicious bundle of wonder?

Spotted by: Emily Kiernan
Vimbits: Turn off arrow keys
First day with the arrow keys turned off so I actually learn how to navigate with HJKL in vim. I am going to have the beefiest right pinky muscles ever after this.
Google+ Authorship: How Does It Work?

Based on h​t​t​p​:​/​/​s​u​p​p​o​r​t​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​w​e​b​m​a​s​t​e​r​s​/​b​i​n​/​a​n​s​w​e​r​.​p​y​?​h​l​=​e​n​&​a​m​p​;​a​n​s​w​e​r​=​1​4​0​8​9​8​6 , I have a link to my domain on my google+ profile. I have a rel="author" on every page on my domain pointing back to my google+ profile. The snippet validator likes my snippet: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​w​e​b​m​a​s​t​e​r​s​/​t​o​o​l​s​/​r​i​c​h​s​n​i​p​p​e​t​s​?​u​r​l​=​p​s​e​u​d​o​n​y​.​m​s
After all that, it still doesn't work!

If I'm signed in to my account, I see a blue human torso next to results h​t​t​p​:​/​/​i​.​i​m​g​u​r​.​c​o​m​/​q​V​7​N​5​.​p​n​g instead of my avatar and name. If I'm not signed into my account, I see no special icon at all next to my results.

Today I finally found h​t​t​p​:​/​/​k​n​o​l​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​k​/​g​o​o​g​l​e​-​r​i​c​h​-​s​n​i​p​p​e​t​s​-​t​i​p​s​-​a​n​d​-​t​r​i​c​k​s​#​F​r​e​q​u​e​n​t​l​y​_​A​s​k​e​d​_​Q​u​e​s​t​i​o​n​s which says: "Currently, review sites and social networking/people profile sites are eligible. We plan to expand Rich Snippets to other types of content in the future."

First off, knol is shutting down in a month so maybe don't use it for FAQs? Secondly, who do I have to kill to get my site added to the magical special exceptions list for snippets? John Resig's blog has some magical secret sauce I'm missing, but it's not written down anywhere.

While we're on the subject, why is there a magical special exceptions list instead of just letting everyone have access to the same advantages in search results?
White House, Google, and Other Advertising Companies Commit to Supporting Do Not Track | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Exciting news about that fancy-dancy Do Not Track header.
Abben Maguire didn't you once express a positive sentiment about Metal? I believe that sentiment requires that you respond to all news about Metal--I demand a funny post about Dave Mustaine!
Roxio Game Capture
What do people use to record console gameplay video these days?

I've been looking at h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​r​o​x​i​o​.​c​o​m​/​e​n​u​/​p​r​o​m​o​t​i​o​n​s​/​l​a​n​d​i​n​g​/​a​c​-​r​e​v​/​g​a​m​e​-​c​a​p​t​u​r​e​/​c​o​n​s​o​l​e​/​o​v​e​r​v​i​e​w​.​h​t​m​l but it might require me a have xp installed on a laptop just to record. Not a dealbreaker, but sad.

Ideally, I'd like a game capture card that "looked" like a generic usb webcam, so things like Google Hangouts or j​u​s​t​i​n​.​t​v would just work with them.

Nice to haves:
* Splitting to TV (like the Roxio) so I don't have to actually play from the tiny laptop screen.
* Less than $300. I have only so much desire to fiddle with live streaming my feeble gaming attempts.

Things I cannot be made to care about:
* Video/audio quality. If it's good enough for streaming video, it's good enough for me.

CC: Min Huang
Terminal annoyances | Arabesque
I accidentally hit Ctrl+S twice a day, and spend 30 seconds slamming random keys until I remember Ctrl+Q. No more!
ANDREW PETTIT • Micro Story #122 || The Baby Sitter Cancelled
Andrew Pettit has been adding some pictures to his words lately, to great effect:
Slight delay on the ride home.
No one was hurt, and hopefully this means Papa just won a new ride.
All of you Pappy's fans can keep it--me and the Joshua Saloon are BFF.
Ran into a troop on my way out of a grocery store tonight. Not only are cookies tasty, but this year's batch is flavored with extra tolerance: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​s​a​l​o​n​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​1​/​2​3​/​t​h​e​_​r​i​g​h​t​s​_​l​a​t​e​s​t​_​t​a​r​g​e​t​_​g​i​r​l​_​s​c​o​u​t​_​c​o​o​k​i​e​s​/​s​i​n​g​l​e​t​o​n​/

The only thing better would be stealing cookies from Planned Parenthood protestors.
Google Music appears to prioritize downloads based of iTunes metadata: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​s​u​p​p​o​r​t​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​a​n​d​r​o​i​d​m​a​r​k​e​t​/​b​i​n​/​a​n​s​w​e​r​.​p​y​?​h​l​=​e​n​&​a​m​p​;​a​n​s​w​e​r​=​1​3​1​1​2​1​6
Next step: figure out how to export l​a​s​t​.​f​m data and make pretend iTunes metadata.
CC: Sai
The weirdest thing I'll read today: "Fun is about as good a life as it gets."
Not to brag, but I was in a presidential parade on my way to work today. It was pretty okay.
Emily Kiernan is helping a blue hedgehog with some rings that need collecting.
My bull-riding is not very majestic, but it did take 10 seconds for me to fall off like some kind of eucalyptus-stoned koala.
I changed my google profile name today to FiveThousand Lobsters. I thought it'd be a good idea to explain the origin of this name, and why I changed it.

When I started using a tiling window manager, I kept the default status bar. One of my coworkers made fun of me for sticking to the defaults, so to prove that I had opened the right config files and chosen to leave everything the way it was on purpose, I added the string "RYAN IS 5000 LOBSTERS" to the end of the status bar message.

When I left that company, I wanted to keep in touch with my coworkers, and the network they were most active on was twitter. When I needed to choose a handle on that network, I decided to use a name that would have special significance to my excoworkers. Thus, t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​5​0​0​0​l​o​b​s​t​e​r​s was born.

Okay, but why here?
There are a couple reasons:

* I am an internet kid, participating in a social network with a "normal" name feels like showing up at a pool party in a tux. I feel most comfortable identifying myself online by handles.
* I am interested in ensuring that people who want or need to go by handles on this network are able to. The best way to keep track of the way that group is treated is to put myself into that group.
* I'd like this community to have more handles and less common names. The message I hear often is that the preference for common names is a community standard, that it is what the people want. I want to cast my vote for a different standard.
Yesterday I learned that sacrificing my smartphone to the nameless mountain gods will ensure a bountiful harvest, but is insufficient to convince googlebot to index my blog.
Emily Kiernan and I have been watching "Ancient Astronauts" on Netflix, for some terrible reason. In the current episode, the guy with the crazy hair has decided that all mentions of "giants" in ancient myths were really attempts to describe extraterrestrials.

Emily has decided that Dr. Suess's "Cat in the Hat" is really an attempt to describe an extraterrestrial sitting on top of another extraterrestrial.
On the plane ride home, I became convinced that the clouds I was flying over were hills and rivers, and that there was an entire Earth up in the clouds. When my plane landed at the cloud airport, I lost my luggage, but the helpful attendants were able to provide me with new cloud pants and a cloud computer. I took a taxi to my cloud home, and was please to note that their internet is devoted to pictures of clouds that are shaped kind of like cats.
Today I learned that I have some sort of moral problem with people hiring other people to drive them around on dogsleds.
Stay tuned to hear if I still have a hangup about this if the dogs are unionized.
MS Paint Adventures
Today I learned that "pulchritude" was not a word made up by MS Paint Adventures.
While we're on the subject, you should read MS Paint Adventures:
While in line at the grocery store, I learned that my neighborhood chain has a new policy where customers are not allowed to "borrow" each others' loyalty cards.
Oh Vons/Pavilions, how it slavers, how it bites and nips at my delicious data. Beware lest you reveal just how much I'm giving up!
I was reading Stephen Baxter's Manifold: Time and I got to a section with the Doomsday argument: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​e​n​.​w​i​k​i​p​e​d​i​a​.​o​r​g​/​w​i​k​i​/​D​o​o​m​s​d​a​y​_​a​r​g​u​m​e​n​t​#​S​i​m​p​l​i​f​i​c​a​t​i​o​n​:​_​t​w​o​_​p​o​s​s​i​b​l​e​_​t​o​t​a​l​_​n​u​m​b​e​r​_​o​f​_​h​u​m​a​n​s

Worse way to start the day.
h​t​t​p​:​/​/​n​o​d​e​j​s​.​o​r​g​/​d​o​c​s​/​l​a​t​e​s​t​/​a​p​i​/​f​s​.​h​t​m​l​#​f​s​.​w​a​t​c​h is pretty neat. I was writing a static site generator (I know! I'm sorry!), and this newish feature might push my project to under 100 lines of code.
JM @ ETHZERO: bash and tab completion of symlinks to directories
JM just changed my life. If you are using directory symlinks and die a little inside each time you have to hit "TAB TAB," prepare for learning bombs:
Amazon Linux now formally supported
I was running into some trouble last week trying to get node.js running on EC2's stock image. It's now a lot less exciting/dangerous than before, thanks to T.C. Hollingsworth!
Why the Indie Music World Hates Lana Del Rey - Culture - GOOD
I'm not very good at music: I was just asking my friends today if being cool meant liking Lana Del Rey, or if, in order to achieve coolness, I should think she was lame.
Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal has time-traveled from 3 months in the past to suggest that there may be better questions to ask. Good call, Tracy.
Synthesis of precious metals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I feel like someone should have told me that we can make gold from mercury or platinum. Seriously, I am miffed, Internet.

Next up: the elixir of life: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​b​e​v​r​e​v​i​e​w​.​c​o​m​/​w​p​-​c​o​n​t​e​n​t​/​i​m​a​g​e​_​m​o​u​n​t​a​i​n​d​e​w​t​h​r​o​w​b​a​c​k​_​c​a​n​_​f​i​n​a​l​1​.​j​p​g
Bug 02329: The phone system is basically made of ghosts.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Call the superior court of orange county's phone system: 8778722122
2) Press "1" as soon as the call connects and a robot starts talking.
3) Press "1" again once the robot pauses and starts talking about.
4) Press "1#" once the robot pauses.

Expected: The robot should suggest that I try again, as "1" is not a valid claim number.
Actual: Eerie, haunting silence.
I was almost hit by a hummer on my way to work today. It's not surprising that a burnt-yellow H3 nearly destroyed me on its rush to join my lane, but what is surprising is the bumper sticker that was attached to said shiva-waggon: NIXON NOW.

I get my news from the internet, but I'm pretty sure that Nixon has not run for president since that car was constructed. I have so many questions.
Looking for parking felt a little bit weird.
Commit 40c93486e8b08f7f37dfd8be95ff03990ab858bd to joyent/node - GitHub
As of this commit, Nick is officially a node.js contributor. I'm super excited for him, and even if he's too cool to brag about it he can't stop me.

You can check out what he's working on (besides contributions to node.js, I mean) at: s​p​i​r​e​.​i​o
Kenton Roberts's desk is kind of a magical place.

Why did the office have a MakerBot lying around? Science.
Dear Internet,

I hate checking my voicemail. It's like trying to talk to American Airlines customer service, except the machine is dumber and there's no music. Build me a service that will check my voicemail for me once a week and send me .mp3s of all the messages by email.

I will happily pay you $5 a month for this.

I've been coming across a lot of articles about the bizarre ways women are depicted in art:

With these on my mind, I was struck by how weirdly Daredevil is drawn in this panel from an issue of Deadpool. I'm not saying this makes it okay to draw women like they are super-contortionist freaks--I just thought it was nice that every once in a while, artists get in hilariously wrong for men too.
Common templates: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​i​m​g​f​l​i​p​.​c​o​m​/​m​e​m​e​t​e​m​p​l​a​t​e​s
Directions: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​p​l​u​s​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​1​0​7​8​1​4​0​0​3​0​5​3​7​2​1​0​9​1​9​7​0​/​p​o​s​t​s​/​a​q​K​H​2​u​G​j​Y​5​z
Find out what percent you are in
According to a recent New York Times infographic, I'm in the n% (where n is between 2% and 100%). As a member of this particular social strata, I am required to adopt the following beliefs:

* Everyone in the n% is hardworking, and earned all of their wealth.
* Everyone in the (n-1)% is a fat cat who inherited all of their wealth, and their greed is destroying our country.
* Everyone in the (n+1)% is a freeloading drain on the welfare state, and should get a real job.
Today at brunch I learned that Emily Kiernan like snails more than slugs because they are homeowners. Classist!

Also, Brussels Bistro is where you should eat oysters in Laguna Beach. Believe it.
I use Latitude to automatically check in and out of my office, so Emily Kiernan can easily check when I'm heading home.

Recently, they started spamming my profile with these automatic check-ins, and there is no way to turn off this "feature."
Update: +Joe LaPenna points out (correctly) that this is not a recent change in behavior.

I've been casting about for a replacement, and thanks to Kenton Roberts I think I've found one: Tasker.

Tasker makes it easy for me to set up "entering the office" and "leaving the office" contexts, and to use them to trigger actions like HTTP POSTs (coming soon: i​s​r​y​a​n​a​t​t​h​e​o​f​f​i​c​e​.​c​o​m).

"Wait Ryan, but Tasker costs money and you don't buy things on the internet!"

True, but Latitude has annoyed me enough that I'd like to give someone else some money to say "It's not cool to spam my profile without my permission, Latitude" as loudly as possible.
My new ringtone.
Coworkers: I'm so sorry.
At the emergency vet reading wiki articles about Solipsism.
Or maybe I'm a butterfly dreaming about poisoning my dog with trail mix. Wake up, butterfly!
Introducing: Free Access to Rdio - Rdio Blog — Rdio Blog
I got an email from rdio last night telling me my account had access to music again. I had a lot of luck using Rdio to discover new bands the last time I used it, but it just wasn't worth the $5/month. It looks like the free tier of accounts get a certain quota/month of listens now.

Rdio-using droogs (cc: Claire Armstrong,+Daniel Hengeveld, Thomas Dunlap): how much quota are we talking about here? Is it worth logging in again?
Cubicle decorations are here...
Dear firefox for android,

If I click on a bookmark on my home screen, then go back to my home screen and do that again, you must reuse the first tab I opened. This is the difference between a working and nonworking implementation of home screen bookmarks.

Thomas Dunlap said a nice thing about me on the internet: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​t​w​i​t​t​e​r​.​c​o​m​/​#​!​/​s​p​l​a​d​o​w​/​s​t​a​t​u​s​/​1​5​4​3​0​8​7​3​1​9​8​5​8​6​6​7​5​2

Eduarddit can be downloaded at: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​c​h​r​o​m​e​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m​/​w​e​b​s​t​o​r​e​/​d​e​t​a​i​l​/​g​p​e​f​j​b​g​f​c​i​e​o​j​l​j​m​o​e​k​f​k​a​c​c​d​c​i​b​n​a​d​n
Snowed a little while my flight was waiting to take off.
Still counts!
The singularity has come. It is @horse_ebooks
Buttoned-up shirt, coke, smartphone.
There is no way to couch this in irony.
The menus are books with the first pages replaced.
Strangers intently pursue books by candlelight.
I order a mixed drink with gin, absinthe.
A man in a fedora at the coffee shop.
His laptop angles towards me.
He is shopping online for fedoras.
Profile Photos
This just happened.

It can happen to you, too: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​e​m​-​l​a​b​s​.​c​o​m​/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​s​/​t​r​e​b​u​c​h​e​t​t​e
I want to believe!

Via: Erica Wolf
I've been working on something since I started my new job, and its finally launched: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​b​o​o​k​s​e​a​r​c​h​.​b​l​o​g​s​p​o​t​.​c​o​m​/​2​0​1​1​/​1​2​/​t​a​k​e​-​n​o​t​e​s​-​h​i​g​h​l​i​g​h​t​i​n​g​-​y​o​u​r​-​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​h​t​m​l

I'm making a (margin) note here: huge success.
Achewood § November 23, 2011
The first new Achewood strip since February. The hiatus is over!

We have stuck it out. We have made it to the promised land. I'm proud of all of you.
When I signed into Google+ today, I saw a few people who I was not expecting in Chat. After trading a few cat pictures, I decided to set things back to the way they used to be. Here is a handy guide:

How to Change Your Google Chat Privacy Settings

* Look for the "Chat" title on the left of your stream.
* Click on the grey arrow to the right on that title.
* From the dropdown that pops up, choose "Privacy Settings."
* On the panel that pops up, click on the "Choose who can chat with you:" dropdown, and select the option "Custom."
* Go through the list of Circles, removing any you would not like to chat with you.
* Click "Save."
One Coffee Cup a Day | 30 Days 30 Cups | cunicode
I love permutations. 3d printing company Cunicode created 30 variations on the coffee cup: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​c​u​n​i​c​o​d​e​.​c​o​m​/​o​n​e​-​c​o​f​f​e​e​-​c​u​p​-​a​-​d​a​y​/

My favorites:
* Klein bottle
* David's nose
* Low resolution
* Digitally eroded
Official Google Blog: Google+: Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun and...
Check out: Ripples and Creative Kit.
The screenshot for "Hangouts with Extras" is also worth a look, in case you've missed the recent changes there.

Via: Joshua Lande
In honor of shared circles, here are the Daves I know.
Kids in the Hall - The Daves I Know

Ryan Wolf shared a circle with you.
Google+ for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 on the iTunes App Store
Apple product owners rejoice!
If you go to Profile -> Edit Profile and click on Gender, you should now be able to set visibility.
For the iPhone users in the audience:
While you're waiting for the mobile app, be sure to check out the mobile version of the website: h​t​t​p​:​/​/​p​l​u​s​.​g​o​o​g​l​e​.​c​o​m