"5000 is a ton of lobsters !!!!!!!!!" - steve roggenbuck

oh hey, hi

This is my website. It is not srs or professional.

I made some internets

Is Ryan at the Office dot Com says "yes." when I'm at the office, and "no." when I am not. I was interviewed about it!!1!

Some joke websites inspired by the new "generic" TLDs: hates.computer and hates.company.

In college, I did not go to very many parties. In college, I made a web version of tic tac toe that you could play by yourself. You can experience the wonder and tedium of this game for yourself.

I have a couple blog posts. It's a filthy habit.

I hang out on other parts of the internet

I am @5000lobsters on that twitter thing. I also keep an archive of my twitter account, which looks totes better than the original.

I post pictures of cats on mlkshk. Send me your pictures of cats, please.

You can no longer have the Xtreme Pleasure of looking at my google++ account, but can still, open-mouthed, at the glory of the archive.

When I want to get my scrobble on, I track: songs I listen to, bands I like, beers I like, and things that quack like a duck but are not ducks.